MidJourney Adds “Panning” Feature to Images

MidJourney has introduced a “pan” feature, allowing users to move images within a frame, up, down, left, or right.

This adds to existing features, like “zoom out”, augmenting users’ storytelling capabilities by providing more control over image positioning.

MidJourney Adds Panning Feature to Images1

Let’s understand this new panning feature by Midjourney.

How does Panning work?

  • The arrow buttons under your upscales ◀️ ▶️ 🔽 🔼 allow you to expand your image in any direction.
  • By Typing /settings and selecting Remix mode, you can edit the prompt for each extension, enabling you to create panoramic narratives.
  • Regardless of the image’s growing resolution, the system supports continuous panning.
  • This feature facilitates infinite expansion of your artwork or story.

Current Limitations

  • No support for variations on panned images.
  • Zooming out on a panned image decreases resolution to default size.
  • Simultaneous horizontal and vertical panning on the same image is not possible.
  • There’s no control over the extent of panning in each operation.
  • You cannot choose a custom area to outpaint to.
  • Repetition may occur during panning; changing the prompt can introduce new details.
  • This feature is only available for images generated using Midjourney.

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