MidJourney v5.3 Is Coming – New Version Update

MidJourney’s latest update, v5.2, just landed with fab features like High Variation Mode and Improved Image Quality.

But guess what? They’re not taking a break! Even with v5.2’s buzz still fresh they’re already stirring up excitement for the next version v5.3.

It’s always a thrilling ride with the MidJourney team and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us next!

MidJourney v5.3 Is Coming - New Version Update (1)

Let’s get started with the update.

Expected Updates in MidJourney V5.3

The MidJourney team has teased upcoming features that aim to redefine image composition control and creative possibilities.

These include Panning, giving users more freedom to explore the canvas; Inpainting, a smart editing tool that can either remove undesired elements or fill in missing parts of an image; and Weird, an innovative feature primed to push the boundaries of imagination by generating unconventional and quirky images.

With these exciting enhancements, I am personally looking forward to the multitude of innovative creations they will spur.

Professionally, these features promise an elevation in content quality and creative storytelling.

When will MidJourney V5.3 be released?

MidJourney’s v5.3 update, expected in early July 2023, will be discussed in weekly office hours hosted by founder David Holz on their official Discord server.


These sessions provide updates and answers community questions.

A particularly intriguing feature, named “weird feature”, is causing curiosity.

Beyond v5.3, anticipations are high for MidJourney V6, a mobile app and a dedicated website, as per the team’s hints.

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