Bing Image Creator Tutorial: How to Use it Efficiently

Microsoft has unveiled a new feature allowing users to create images on Bing Chat using natural language.

The AI-powered tool, part of Bing AI Chat generates images based on descriptive words provided by users.

This free feature is readily accessible without the need for Edge and doesn’t require users to be on a waitlist.

We are talking about The Bing AI Image Creator that is comparable to other AI Art Generators and is efficient in processing and creating images.

Bing Image Creator Tutorial How to Use it Efficiently

Bing Image Creator is available on the Web, Android and iPhone.

In this tutorial, I will provide you with detailed instructions on how you can use this amazing tool.

What is Bing AI Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator is Microsoft’s AI-powered tool which uses an advanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model to generate images from textual descriptions.

It is currently available only in the English language however, the tool has plans to support additional languages in the future.

It is accessible globally at and it integrates with Bing and Edge and enables users to produce written and visual content from the same platform.

Source: Bing Image Creator

The Image Creator is especially beneficial for marketers without graphic design skills facilitating the generation of AI images based on specified prompts.

This tool forms part of Microsoft’s initiative toward creating AI-powered visual Stories and Knowledge Cards.

How to use Bing Image Creator

The Bing Image Creator is a fantastic AI tool for generating images based on descriptive text prompts.

Since it is accessible with a Microsoft account via or Bing Chat, it doesn’t require an OpenAI or DALL-E 2 account or the use of Microsoft Edge.

Let’s go through the steps on how to use it:

Step 1: Log In

Navigate to and click on “Join & Create” to log into your Microsoft account and access the image generator.


Step 2: Enter Prompt

Specify a detailed description of the desired image in the text area. For instance, you could write: “grayscale image of a beautiful mermaid lying in the seashore”.


After inputting your prompt, click “Create” and wait for the images to generate.

Step 3: View Results

The generated images (typically four for each text prompt) will be displayed for your review. On the right hand side pane, you will see your current prompt result and output of previously used text prompts.


You should keep in mind that, as these free AI tools may not always produce lifelike images there could be some minor inaccuracies in finer details.

Step 4: Download Images

It’s time to download the generated images, for this, you need to browse the generated image results. Select and click on any image in order to expand it.

This will reveal the options to Share, Save, Download or provide Feedback. On the bottom left of the screen, you will see the watermark of Bing as well.


Finally, you can choose to download one, all or none of the images generated.

So this is how you can use Bing Image Creator to create images for you.

Features of Bing Image Creator

  • Bing Image Creator is fully integrated into the Bing chat experience.
  • Users can command the Bing search engine to “draw an image” or “create an image” and give a description of the desired image.
  • Image Creator has a system of credits called “Boosts” to speed up image generation. Each user gets 100 Boosts at sign-up and one Boost is used for each image generated.
  • Image Creator is subject to the same safeguards and protections as DALL∙E from OpenAI.
  • Microsoft has additional controls to limit the generation of harmful or unsafe images. If a prompt might generate a harmful image, it’s blocked and the user is warned.
  • Microsoft clarifies that the images are AI-generated and includes a modified Bing icon on each image to indicate it was created using Image Creator.

Best Practices for Bing Image Creator

When using Bing Image Creator you should adhere to these best practices:

Write detailed image descriptions or prompts. Be precise with subject, lighting, color, art style and any other minor details. Bing Image Creator will generate images based on these prompts. If needed, add more details to refine the output.

Use the ‘Explore Ideas’ section for inspiration. Hover over images to see the prompts used for their generation.

Use an original or revised AI-generated image as your final product. AI-generated images are great for streamlining your creative process, but shouldn’t be the end product.

They may have flaws, carry watermarks and potentially infringe on copyright laws if AI algorithms scrape from other artists’ content.

It’s always safer and more professional to use them as a basis for creating your original content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bing AI Image Creator

Is there a waitlist to use the Bing Image Creator?

Currently, the Bing Image Creator does not have a waitlist. You need to simply log in to the website using your Microsoft account and you will immediately gain access to this tool without any waiting period.

Is Bing Image Creator free?

Yes – Bing’s Image Creator is a free tool with purchasable ‘boosts’ and takes prompts to generate images. Initially, users received 25 boosts now it has been increased to 100. Each image generated by you will cost one boost. When you are out of boosts, image generation time will extend from 10 to 30 seconds to up to five minutes maximum. Microsoft now replenishes boosts daily instead of weekly and users can redeem Microsoft rewards for additional boosts.

How to delete Bing Image Creator history?

To delete your Image Creator profile and history, while logged in to your Microsoft account, you can: 1) Go to your Bing search history and click “Clear all”, or 2) Navigate to the privacy dashboard for your Microsoft account, find “Search history”, and click “Clear all search history”. Both methods will erase your entire Bing search history, Image Creator profile, and Image Creator activity.

How do Microsoft Rewards work with Image Creator?

If you exhaust your boosts in Image Creator then you can utilize Microsoft Rewards to obtain extra boosts, which will enhance the processing speed.

What languages are supported by Bing Image Creator?

Only English language is supported at the moment. We might see more languages gets added in future versions.

How do you write prompts to create images using AI?

For successful Bing Image Creator prompts, be specific with your descriptions using adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles. The suggested format is Adjective + Noun + Verb + Style, like “grayscale dog wearing cap, digital art”. The style can vary – it can be a photo, a cartoon, a painting or a 3D render.

Is Bing Image Creator the same as DALL-E 2?

No – Microsoft has integrated a more advanced AI art generator into Bing Image Creator, different from DALL-E 2. Using the same prompts, the results differ, with Bing images showing greater detail and vibrancy than those from DALL-E 2.

Can I create images using the new Bing Chat?

Bing Image Creator can be used in two ways: via or through Bing Chat. In Bing Chat, generate an image by providing a prompt. Here’s how: open Microsoft Edge, navigate to, click on ‘Chat’ and write your prompt, such as “create an image” or “generate a photo”. Bing Chat usually identifies the user’s intent. It can create images in all conversation styles, including Creative, Balanced and Precise.

Is Bing Image Creator copyright free?

No – Microsoft claims copyright for all Bing Image Creator (BIC) output.

Do I own AI-generated images?

The United States Copyright Office (USCO) currently does not protect AI generated images under copyright laws due to their lack of human authorship. These images, generated by AI bots trained on online content, stir controversy due to their influence from countless internet artists. Meanwhile, the White House is soliciting opinions on AI tools like ChatGPT for safety policy. The USCO’s stance may change after 2023 listening sessions aimed at further exploration and potential policy adjustment.

So this ends our tutorial of Bing Image Creator.

I hope this helped you a lot.

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