9 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Must Use in 2024

The advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4 can be significantly extended through the use of various plugins.

Although still in beta, these plugins provide additional accuracy and functionality, incorporating third-party web services into the user’s search.

Plugins range from trivial applications like color palettes to powerful tools like the WolframAlpha expert system.

However, users must be prepared to eventually pay subscription fees for advanced plugin services.

As ChatGPT’s popularity grows, the number of available plugins has increased into the hundreds.

Best ChatGPT Plugins You Must Use in 2023

A careful selection from these vast offerings is advised to enhance the AI chatbot’s abilities.

By utilizing these top-rated plugins, you can maximize the potential of ChatGPT 4 in ways that was previously unimaginable.

Let’s dive in to the list of best ChatGPT plugins:

Best ChatGPT Plugins

Here a curated collection of the top ChatGPT plugins to leverage full potential of ChatGPT.

1. Link Reader

The Link Reader ChatGPT Plugin is a multipurpose tool for ChatGPT Plus users that allows for reading, summarizing, translating and analyzing content from various online resources, such as webpages, PDFs, images and more.


This plugin serves a range of use cases, such as academic research, personal knowledge exploration and streamlining reading lists.

Features include article summaries, estimated reading times and read-later options, all within the chat interface.

A key advantage is the integration of search with other plugins and effective summarization of search results.

Link Reader stands as an essential tool for managing online content albeit with room for improvements in search functionality.

2. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is an excellent ChatGPT extension that can help you to craft more precise prompts for better AI responses.

It operates under a plug-and-play model, requiring the user to add “perfect” before the query.

The plugin rewrites these prompts to be more detailed, facilitating ChatGPT to provide more informative and specific responses.


Its simplicity is a definite advantage, although more explanation of its functioning would be appreciated for educational purposes.

The tool helps in improving the quality of ChatGPT interactions without needing expert skills in AI prompt engineering.

It works by evaluating user inputs and, if needed, converts them into clearer, more contextual prompts.

This is achieved using the GPT-3.5-turbo model, with the refined input returned as raw data to be incorporated into ChatGPT’s responses.

3. Wolfram

Despite being sophisticated AI, ChatGPT and its counterparts aren’t always reliable for precise information.

Contrastingly, Wolfram excels in delivering accurate, specialized data in areas such as math, physics and finance.


Its integration with ChatGPT, via the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin, enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT by providing advanced computations, real-time data and high-quality, verified information.

This partnership enables complex problem-solving that extends beyond simple calculations, for tasks like genealogical mapping or anatomical illustrations.

However, it does not replace professional advice, particularly in medical contexts. Users can maximize their benefits from both systems by recognizing their individual strengths and potential synergy.

The addition of Wolfram assists in counterbalancing AI’s occasional inaccuracies, making it an important tool when high factual precision is required.

4. World News

The World News ChatGPT Plugin is a third-party tool that enhances the capabilities of the GPT language model, allowing it to engage with external news APIs.

This application offers users an efficient way to access and digest the latest global news headlines from various sources.


It negates the need to manually navigate different websites, making it an ideal solution for those lacking the time or resources to sift through multiple news articles.

Users can install the plugin via the ChatGPT plugin store and once activated, they can request updated news from around the world.

The plugin’s international basis also allows it to deliver news in multiple languages.

This development addresses the limitations of ChatGPT’s outdated database, extending its utility as a real-time news resource.

Hence, the World News ChatGPT Plugin is becoming a popular tool for staying informed about global events.

5. There’s An AI For That

“There’s An AI For That” is a useful, less-known plugin on the ChatGPT store.

This tool eliminates the need for lengthy Google searches by providing a curated list of AI tools to perform any described tasks.


Its utility in an AI-dominated tech landscape makes it a valuable asset. For example, it can suggest AI tools to create music videos from images.

This plugin facilitates the discovery of suitable AI tools, alleviating the often arduous process. It also humorously highlights AI tools that can potentially replace CEOs.

The plugin covers a wide range of needs, providing options for professional and personal tasks such as image editing and PDF conversion.

To use, specify the requirement and it generates a list of suitable tools.

“There’s An AI For That” is a safety-focused plugin for language models, enabling developers to create ChatGPT plugins and instruct models on their use.

6. ChatWithPDF

ChatWithPDF is a versatile plugin for ChatGPT designed to facilitate interaction with PDF documents.

Users can load publicly accessible PDFs or Google Drive documents and extract relevant information by posing queries.


The plugin processes and matches the user’s queries with the document’s content, delivering pertinent results.

Ideal for researchers, students and professionals, it streamlines the extraction of specific data from documents and encourages the discovery of valuable insights.

The plugin, available in the ChatGPT UI “Plugin Store”, can be utilized as a web-based tool. It provides functionalities such as document analysis, information extraction and summarization.

Users can also search within lengthy documents, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Users are cautioned to only use the plugin through OpenAI’s official platform to maintain privacy and avoid potential data exploitation by fraudulent websites.

7. Expedia

The Expedia ChatGPT Plugin, a groundbreaking feature, offers an integrated, conversational approach to travel planning.

Using advanced natural language processing, it provides personalized travel options and booking recommendations based on user interactions.


Users can initiate open-ended dialogues and receive advice on destinations, accommodations and local attractions.

The plugin also facilitates flight and hotel bookings, making the process significantly simpler.

This revolutionary tool can also plan trips, suggest activities and create custom itineraries tailored to users’ preferences.

Its integration with the Expedia standalone app offers another convenient way to access its features.

The new tool has been well-received, transforming the travel booking experience and marking a major leap forward for the travel industry.

8. Image Editor

The Image Editor plugin for ChatGPT is a highly effective tool for basic image editing tasks such as resizing, cropping, blurring and rotating.

Users provide the image URL for the tool to upload and edit. Though functionalities are somewhat limited, it offers swift editing.


As a third-party application, it interacts with external APIs related to image editing, making it a comprehensive solution.

The plugin, powered by AI, allows bulk image edits without external servers.

It’s user-friendly and can transform resources into stunning content and tutorials for its use can be found on YouTube or the ChatGPT website.

9. Zapier

The Zapier plugin for ChatGPT is a versatile tool that streamlines work organization and assists in debugging workflow actions.

It lets users interact with over 5,000 work apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack, etc., enabling tasks such as drafting emails or sending Slack messages directly from ChatGPT.

Furthermore, it enhances ChatGPT’s abilities by pairing natural language interactions with Zapier’s expansive capabilities, offering almost limitless task automation.

The plugin can simplify complex processes, helping to reduce mundane tasks in a work setting.

However, perfecting these automated actions can be laborious. Moreover, Zapier requires a paid subscription for full access, necessitating users to carefully assess its value before purchasing.

Despite the costs and initial setup challenges, Zapier’s broad integrative potential can be a game-changer for those seeking to optimize their work processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best ChatGPT Plugins

Q: Can one fully trust the answers given by ChatGPT plugins?

A: No, one cannot fully trust the answers given by ChatGPT plugins. OpenAI warns of significant risks associated with these plugins and suggests treating them as tools for first impressions rather than accurate sources of information.

Q: What factors influence the choice of ChatGPT plugins?

A: The choice of ChatGPT plugins is influenced by their unique functionality, usefulness to a broad audience, and overall quality. Plugins that merely replicate existing apps or are poorly executed are usually dismissed.

Q: Can you name some ChatGPT plugins?

A: Some ChatGPT plugins include Expedia, Kayak, Wolfram, ChatWithPDF and Zapier. These plugins are available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers using GPT-4.

Q: What variety of ChatGPT plugins are available?

A: Over 400 ChatGPT plugins are available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, offering a wide array of functions ranging from blockchain analytics to weather predictions, text to image generators, bartending tutorials, financial data and prompt creation.

Q: Can ChatGPT plugins reliably deliver their promised services?

A: No, most ChatGPT plugins cannot be fully trusted to deliver their promised services reliably. Even well-intentioned plugins can make mistakes, and OpenAI warns of the risk of harmful or unintended actions from such tools.

Q: What are the limitations of ChatGPT-4?

A: ChatGPT-4 has a limitation of 25 queries every three hours. Once this limit is exceeded, the user is reverted back to ChatGPT 3.5.

Q: What is the limit on the number of active ChatGPT plugins?

A: The current limit on active ChatGPT plugins is three. These plugins can be switched out, but they do not work well together yet.

Q: Which is the best ChatGPT plugin for scientific research?

A: Some noteworthy ChatGPT plugins for scientific research include Video Insights, edX, NextPaper AI, and SceneXplain, which offer value extraction from YouTube, educational content discovery, navigation of biomedical literature and deciphering images beyond pixels, respectively.

These plugins enhance ChatGPT, morphing it from a simple chatbot to a comprehensive digital assistant.

They significantly elevate its functionality, making it an indispensable everyday tool.

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