What is ChatGPT Stock and Can You Buy It

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by OpenAI and has quickly achieved worldwide acclaim.

It’s lauded by diverse users for tasks such as writing poetry and coding, as well as explaining intricate subjects. Moreover, it’s passed advanced law, medical and MBA exams.

ChatGPT uses a simple interface, making it as user-friendly as Google Search.

Within two months of its launch on November 30, 2022, it registered 100 million users hinting at potential disruption across internet search and content creation sectors.

What is ChatGPT Stock and Can You Buy It

Although OpenAI, still a private organization, does not offer ChatGPT stocks, it is projected to generate a revenue of $1 billion by 2024 sparking interest in indirect investment opportunities in the AI field.

Is there a ChatGPT Stock?

ChatGPT and its parent company, OpenAI, are privately held and hence do not offer direct investment options, so therefore there is no ChatGPT stock currently.

However, indirect investment opportunities exist through companies like Microsoft that hold substantial positions within OpenAI.

Investing in such technology partners can offer exposure to ChatGPT’s potential growth and success.

What is ChatGPT Stock name and Can You Invest?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI currently doesn’t have a specific stock name since it’s not a publicly traded entity in the stock markets.


This means that direct investment in ChatGPT isn’t possible at the moment. However, there exists a notable workaround for individuals who wish to gain financial exposure to ChatGPT.

They can invest in Microsoft Corporation, a tech company listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol (MSFT).

Microsoft maintains a significant position within OpenAI, so investing in Microsoft equates to a kind of indirect investment in ChatGPT thereby allowing individuals to align their financial interests with the AI’s potential success.

How to invest in Chat GPT Stock?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is not publicly traded but there are indirect investment opportunities.

  • Microsoft (tech giant), a strategic partner of OpenAI, is one avenue, as they’ve invested billions into OpenAI and $10 billion specifically after ChatGPT’s unveiling, indicating a strong belief in AI’s future.
  • NVIDIA, a leading producer of graphics processing units often used for AI purposes, is another method of gaining exposure to ChatGPT.
  • Perion Network, a small-cap ad tech stock partnered with Microsoft’s Bing (which plans to leverage ChatGPT), provides another indirect investment route. If Bing gains market share from Google thanks to ChatGPT, Perion stands to benefit.

These companies – Microsoft, NVIDIA and Perion Network – offer the best indirect investment opportunities related to ChatGPT.

What is the Future of ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT may go public this year as per financial writer Kelvin Ong although no initial public offering discussions are confirmed yet.

The AI company recently held funding talks with venture capital firms Thrive Capital and Founder Fund, potentially leading to a $300 million tender sale of shares nearly doubling its 2021 value.

Its projected revenues for 2023 and 2024 are $200 million and $1 billion, respectively.

Besides Microsoft’s $10 billion investment, OpenAI has introduced a paid version, ChatGPT Plus in 2023.

Several companies including Khan Academy, Duolingo, Stripe, Canva and Intercom are integrating ChatGPT into their online platforms.

Should you invest in ChatGPT?

Generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT holds transformative potential for work, learning and entertainment.

Despite the novelty and safety concerns, investing in ChatGPT-associated stocks could benefit risk-seeking investors.

Microsoft is seen as a stable investment due to its product range and OpenAI partnership, while NVIDIA can benefit from growing computing power demand.

Perion Network (adtech company) could see substantial growth if Bing gains popularity.

Post the 2022 tech stock crash, ChatGPT represents the potential of AI.

Investing in Microsoft, NVIDIA and Perion Network, or an AI ETF can provide the best ChatGPT exposure.

While new technology carries investment risks, the gains from this generative AI technology could be substantial in the future.

Other AI Generative Stocks to Invest

Here are some of the best AI related tech companies where you can invest for the long term.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Microsoft’s consistent investment in OpenAI’s ChatGPT enhances its Bing search engine capabilities, with integration into Windows 11 offering potential for increased market share.


Investing in NVIDIA provides exposure to ChatGPT, as its GPUs are integral to AI training. NVIDIA focuses on automotive electronics, AI, gaming, mobile devices, and collaborates with companies like Dell for various AI applications.

Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Alphabet’s AI chatbot, Bard AI, rivals ChatGPT and Bing. The company’s dominant position in the search engine market faces competition from Microsoft’s OpenAI integration.

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Cisco, an IT and communications networks pioneer, has a strong relationship with Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. Its AI solutions offer extensive computing solutions for enterprises.


AWS, Amazon’s cloud-computing platform, is a major player in AI, with tools like AI platforms, infrastructure, services, and frameworks. Collaborations with AI companies like Hugging Face amplify its generative AI applications.


Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, uses generative AI to build technologies that make human lives easier, like open-source urban driving tool, ARLA.

Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU)

Micron Technology, a global leader in the semiconductor industry, is critical for the US AI sector as generative AI technology heavily relies on semiconductors.


IBM’s large AI research program includes AI solutions for diverse sectors. Its team is currently working on a trustworthy generative AI tool and employs generative AI in healthcare applications like antimicrobial drug creation.

C3.ai, Inc.

C3.ai develops custom AI applications for large enterprises like the U.S. Department of Defense. Its focus on diverse industries makes it a suitable consideration for risk-tolerant investors.

The Best AI Stocks to Buy in 2023

StockMarket CapEPS (2022)Projected EPS (2023)*
Microsoft$2420 bln$6.71$9.65
Nvidia$951.5 bln$1.74$7.78
Amazon$1280 bln$-0.27$1.58
Alphabet$1550 bln$4.56$3.44
Tesla$744.4 bln$1.93$3.44
Source: Yahoo Finance

So this is all about Chat GPT stock and why it is not available for purchase in stock markets.

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