Fix: ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now error

OpenAI’s generative AI Chatbot, ChatGPT, garnered around 1 million users within 5 days of launch, becoming a rapidly adopted digital AI service.

However, its surge in popularity leads to occasional capacity issues, causing user frustration when the “ChatGPT is at capacity” error message appears, especially during peak hours.

In this article I have suggested various solutions and workarounds to handle this issue.

Fix ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now error

Some of them are: knowing the best time to use the service, how to fix this error and exploring best alternatives to ChatGPT.

So let’s get started!

What is the “ChatGPT is at Capacity right now” error?

The “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” error usually appears when the language model can’t process further requests due to high user traffic and this happens especially during peak hours.


This issue is a result of OpenAI’s limited server capacity which can only support a specific number of simultaneous users at one time.

Increased traffic might also cause delayed responses or failure to load answers properly.

Currently, OpenAI’s servers are in the US, but expansion plans are underway.


In addition to server capacity issues, users might encounter this error due to the use of proxy servers, outdated drivers, malicious software or browser problems on their end.

If the error occurs frequently, you can attempt various solutions suggested below to resolve it.

Why is ChatGPT always at capacity?

ChatGPT frequently hits its capacity due to immense popularity worldwide.

The platform experiences high traffic, particularly from the United States, leading to potential slowdowns or reduced accuracy when a large number of users interact simultaneously.


To avoid such issues, it’s recommended for you to use the ChatGPT services outside of US peak hours.

The growing demand reflects ChatGPT’s value across various professional sectors, as it enables efficient task completion.

Technological advancements are anticipated to expand the system’s capacity over time, accommodating more concurrent users.

As it stands, the system’s popularity is a proof to its effectiveness but concurrently is the root of its capacity challenges.

How to Fix ChatGPT is at Capacity issue?

Here are some tips to fix the capacity issue:

Use Incognito Mode

In order to avoid cookies or caching issues, you can use an Incognito window in your favorite browser. This mode feature is available in most popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Refresh the Web Page

One of the simplest solutions is to refresh the web page, as “at capacity” signifies heavy traffic. You can refresh the page to send a new request to the server.

Refresh the Web Page

This can often be done through the circular arrow in your browser’s toolbar or by clicking the URL and pressing Enter.

Re-login to Your Account

If you’re unable to access ChatGPT then you should try logging out from it and then logging back into your account again. If you’re still unable to reach your homepage, then you should clear your cache first.

Use a Mobile Browser

If you face issues accessing ChatGPT on your computer, try using your mobile device.

Use a Mobile Browser

This will assign a different IP address, an alternative solution if you lack a VPN.

Try a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can help you bypass potential location-based connectivity issues. A VPN can help you access networks typically inaccessible through your regular internet service provider.

Open a New ChatGPT Account

Creating a new ChatGPT account might help if your account has been temporarily disabled due to excessive usage. OpenAI allows you to create a new account with the same phone number.

Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus subscribers get priority access to ChatGPT, even during peak times.

Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

Faster response times and priority access to new features are among the perks.

Take a Break and Come Back Later

If you continue to receive the “at capacity” notification, give the servers a 15-30 minute break to catch up with the current traffic.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Clearing your browser’s cache can ensure you see the most up-to-date version of ChatGPT. Your cache stores information that speeds up loading times on familiar websites but can also become corrupted.

Check ChatGPT on Downdetector

Verify the status of OpenAI on Downdetector. This will indicate if there are any widespread issues with the AI.

Consider ChatGPT Alternatives

Consider using a similar chatbot if you can’t access ChatGPT then AI Dungeon, Chinchilla, Caktus AI, Chai, Notion AI, Google Bard and Novel AI are some alternatives.

Avoid Peak Hours

Avoid Peak Hours

Generally, ChatGPT’s highest usage occurs between 1 PM and 4 PM. If you encounter issues during these hours, try using it at off-peak times or on weekends.

Try Bing’s ChatGPT Integration

Bing Chat, a product of Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, is an alternative to ChatGPT.

While it is more task-oriented, it avoids the issue of overcrowded servers. However, it does not offer the creative and human-like responses that ChatGPT does.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ChatGPT Capacity Error

Q: What are ChatGPT Peak Hours?

A: ChatGPT peak hours depend on the user’s location and time zone, but the highest traffic is generally between 7 AM and 12 AM and tends to decrease outside these hours and on weekends. Higher chances of access can be during sleep hours of the majority users in Europe and the US.

Q: What does ChatGPT is at capacity right now mean?

A: This error message means that ChatGPT’s servers are experiencing high levels of traffic and more users cannot be accommodated at that moment. Trying again later can bypass this issue.

Q: How long do I have to wait before using ChatGPT again?

A: If the request limit is reached, a waiting period of approximately one hour is recommended to allow the system to reset and provide a new request limit.

Q: How to bypass ChatGPT capacity?

A: Using a VPN application to change your IP address and trying to access ChatGPT again might bypass the “at capacity” error. It’s suggested to try this in a new incognito tab.

Q: Why is ChatGPT always at full capacity?

A: The constant capacity issues arise from ChatGPT’s high popularity and limited server resources. Less traffic periods can be found by referring to usage statistics and attempting usage outside of peak American business hours may prove beneficial.

Q: What does GPT stand for?

A: GPT stands for “generative pre-trained transformer”, a type of neural network capable of various natural language processing tasks, including answering questions, summarizing text and generating code snippets.

Q: What is error 1020 in ChatGPT?

A: Error 1020 appears when the ChatGPT website access is denied by Cloudflare. This can occur due to certain restrictions set by the site owner.

Q: What to do when a chatbot is at capacity?

A: Attempting to access ChatGPT during off-peak hours, refreshing the page, or using Bing Chat or ChatGPT Plus may solve capacity issues.

Q: Does ChatGPT give the same answer to everyone?

A: ChatGPT typically provides consistent responses to the same question posed by different users, although slight variations in wording may occur.

Q: How many users are there in ChatGPT?

A: As of January 2023, ChatGPT reported having over 100 million users. The popularity of the platform, which amassed 1 million users within 5 days of its launch in November 2022, leads to the issue of the chatbot consistently being at capacity.

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