How to Export ChatGPT Data

ChatGPT assists with various tasks like writing emails, articles, essays and coding.

It stores users’ data, including search queries and AI-provided responses on OpenAI servers.

These data can be exported and downloaded at users’ discretion, ensuring user convenience and data accessibility.

This doesn’t require third-party applications, except for receiving exported data, mitigating privacy concerns.

So, for users wanting to maintain a record of their ChatGPT interaction history, data exportation is readily available.

How to Export ChatGPT Data

Let’s get started with exporting the ChatGPT data.

How to Export Your ChatGPT Data

Below are step-by-step instructions to export data from ChatGPT:

Step 1: Navigate to the ChatGPT website.


Step 2: Log into your account to access the chat interface. Click on your Profile picture, located at the bottom left corner of the screen. From the resulting menu, select the Settings button.


Step 3: In the settings popup that appears, locate and click on the Data Controls tab on the left side. Find the Export Data option in the middle of the screen and click on the Export button.


Step 4: Read the dialogue pop-up that appears. This explains the export process, detailing that your account information and chat history will be exported.

Click on “Confirm export” button and then an email containing a link for the data download will be sent there.

Depending on your usage, the process may take some time. More casual users will receive the email instantly.


Step 6: Once you receive the email, press the Download button. This will trigger an immediate download of a ZIP file to your computer.


Note that the file may not have a descriptive name, so remember the location where you save it for future reference.

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What ChatGPT Data is Exported

The zip file from ChatGPT contains five files: an HTML and four JSON files.

The HTML, titled ‘Chats’, presents a readable text of your ongoing chats, excluding any deleted ones.

The four JSON files provide more detailed information. ‘Conversations’ replicates the chat content, while the others contain feedback logs, model comparisons and user information (user ID, ChatGPT Plus subscription status, email and phone number).

These JSON files can be opened with a basic text editor like Notepad, but they are primarily aimed at developers.

The ZIP file can be extracted using online tools or ZIP management apps (WinZip or WinRAR).

Thus, this export allows you to access both an easily readable summary and detailed data about your interactions with ChatGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exporting ChatGPT Data

Q: What is the process of exporting data from ChatGPT?

A: The export process involves choosing either a plain text or a JSON file format, then clicking on the “Export” button. Once confirmed, a message will indicate the file is being processed.

Q: Can ChatGPT data be downloaded?

A: Yes, you can download ChatGPT data by opening a conversation, clicking on the Save ChatGPT extension icon in the toolbar, selecting your file format (TXT, MD, or PDF) and saving the conversation to your desired location.

Q: Is exporting data from ChatGPT cost-free?

A: Exporting data from ChatGPT is completely free. Currently, the only way to spend money on ChatGPT is to opt for the Premium service.

Q: What are the steps to export ChatGPT prompts?

A: You just need to click on “Settings” at the bottom left of the page, select “Show” under “Data Controls”, click on “Export data” and confirm the export. Your data will be sent to you via email.

Q: For how long is ChatGPT’s chat history retained?

A: Even with chat history turned off, data is retained for 30 days and could be monitored for abuse.

Q: What is the name of the Chrome extension that exports ChatGPT data?

A: The extension is called ShareGPT. It facilitates sharing of ChatGPT chats with a single click, creating a custom URL containing a complete export chat record.

Q: Is data saved by ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT does save chat history to train and enhance its modules. This information could be reviewed by OpenAI staff.

That’s all for this article on how you can export your ChatGPT data easily.

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