How to Use GPT-4 for Free: Access ChatGPT 4 Now

OpenAI has introduced its newest AI model, GPT-4 in the market, which can process both text and images.

The model is OpenAI’s most sophisticated to date, supporting 26 languages and excelling in reasoning tests, besides its ability to interpret visual inputs.

However, its usage comes with a $20 monthly fee. To use it you have to subscribe for ChatGPT Plus.

This article has compiled a list of 10 platforms where users can freely test GPT-4’s capabilities.

How to Use GPT-4 for Free Access ChatGPT 4 Now

So, if you’re interested in using Chat GPT-4’s latest features but don’t wish to incur costs, this this guide offers the information you need to access it without any subscription fees.

So what are we waiting for – let’s get started!

How to Use GPT-4 for free

Below is a compilation of 10 websites/platforms where you can access GPT-4:

1. Bing AI

Microsoft Bing’s AI is powered by the GPT-4 model, offering advanced AI features to users for free.

By visiting and clicking on the “Chat” option, users can directly access GPT-4 in Microsoft Edge.


For other browsers, an extension, Bing Chat for All Browsers, is required.


Bing’s AI features include the ability to generate images, cite sources and more making it feel like a friendly AI assistant.


The ‘Creative mode‘ is powered by GPT-4 and allows users to ask complex questions and get more nuanced answers.

Furthermore, by logging in with a Microsoft account users can utilize GPT-4’s capabilities for writing emails, blogs and other tasks.

Bing AI also provides links to relevant blogs for deeper research.

The GPT-4 on Bing offers enhanced comprehension and human-like responses, making Bing a prime platform for leveraging the power of GPT-4.

2. Forefront AI

ForeFront AI, a major AI platform, offers free access to GPT-4, a leading-edge language model.

Users can engage with GPT-4 extensively with no limitations on daily message count.

To access, users must create an account on the ForeFront AI platform, available via the website Users can sign up using a Google account or an email address.


Post-registration, users gain access to GPT-4, image generation, custom personas and shareable chats among other features.


ForeFront AI can be used for a variety of tasks, including code generation, chatbot development and story writing.

The platform offers an improved ChatGPT experience and access to GPT-4, capable of handling complex problems and generating high-quality outputs.

ForeFront AI also offers tutorial videos on YouTube for better platform usage.

Despite high demand potentially causing delays or errors, ForeFront AI remains an accessible and robust tool for leveraging GPT-4’s capabilities.

3. Hugging Face

Hugging Face’s Transformers, an open-source library for natural language processing, includes GPT-4.

Users can utilize GPT-4’s AI capabilities to power their models, test ideas, or develop applications.

A free ChatGPT4 chatbot, developed by Yuvraj Sharma, is accessible on HuggingFace, without needing an API key.

However, responses may require some waiting time due to queueing. The bot can be accessed by visiting, entering queries in the text box and clicking the “Run” option.


Despite the potential for occasional delays or errors, HuggingFace offers an accessible and user-friendly interface for leveraging GPT-4’s capabilities.

The platform also supports multilingual interactions and boasts a token limit of 4096.

For faster response times, users can clone the repository and add their own OpenAI API key.

As such, HuggingFace serves as a valuable platform for experiencing GPT-4’s advanced AI capabilities.

4. Merlin

Merlin, a powerful AI-based Chrome extension, is a convenient and free method to access GPT-4.


Acting as an intelligent guide, Merlin assists with searches, article understanding and more.

To set it up, add the extension from the official Merlin Chrome extension page, pin it for easy access and navigate to any website.

Open the Merlin extension, select GPT-4 from the dropdown menu to activate it, noting that while 51 queries are free, GPT-4 uses 10 at once.


Enable web access if desired. Merlin, powered by GPT-4, is now ready to assist with any task, making it an uncomplicated route to leverage ChatGPT 4 for free.


Nat Friedman, ex-CEO of GitHub, has introduced a tool for comparing large language models (LLMs).

This platform enables users to use GPT-4 for free, but it’s limited to 10 queries per day.

To use this tool, navigate to and sign up using your email and phone number.


Next, navigate to settings and set the “Model” to “gpt-4”.


Once done, you can start using the ‘Playground’ tab to ask your queries.


Notably, Nat.Dev, still in its beta phase, may require an invite code.

Update: Though initially free, an account top-up of $5 may be necessary due to high demand, which is significantly less than the $20 ChatGPT Plus subscription.

6. OpenAI’s Research Access Program

OpenAI provides research previews of GPT-4 for free, albeit in a limited capacity. This enables users to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 before its general release.

To gain access, fill out the Researcher Access Program form, which caters particularly to researchers interested in the impact of AI systems like GPT-4 on society.


OpenAI especially encourages early-stage researchers with limited resources to apply.

This program is part of OpenAI’s commitment to support responsible AI deployment and risk mitigation.

7. is an online platform that allows users to create chat-based applications featuring Large Language Models (LLMs).

It also offers access to ChatGPT 4 for free, albeit limited to 5 messages per day due to high demand.

To use ChatGPT 4 on

  • Visit the website and sign in (you need to create an account first).
  • Start interacting with the GPT-4 chatbot directly.

It’s worth noting that while this platform did not previously require sign-ups, due to increased demand, account creation is now necessary. offers an easy and accessible way to experience the capabilities of OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4.

8. Poe is a revolutionary platform that enables users to experiment with advanced chatbot models such as GPT-4, ChatGPT, Claude, NeevaAI, Sage and Dragonfly.

Not only does it offer interaction with these third-party Large Language Models (LLMs), but it also enables you to personalize and create your own bots.

The platform opens up a plethora of possibilities, letting users utilize the vast capabilities of these models tailored to their needs.


Through an easy-to-use interface, invites users to interact, converse, analyze and generate content with these bots, enhancing problem-solving efforts.

While offering these fascinating features, Poe also emphasizes proper and ethical usage of the resources.

9. Perplexity AI

Perplexity is an AI-powered search engine that stands out due to its new Co-Pilot feature, which leverages GPT-4 to enhance search results.

To utilize GPT-4 for your searches, visit the Perplexity AI website, sign up and toggle on the Co-Pilot feature in the search bar.


Input your query or select pre-filled options and the AI will understand and respond to your questions.

This unique blend of AI and internet search offers a seamless, user-centric experience, allowing five queries every four hours for personalized, AI-crafted responses.

10. APIs Provided by OpenAI

OpenAI’s vision for GPT-4 includes the provision of multiple APIs that facilitate seamless interaction with the model from application software.

This approach eliminates the need for direct access to underlying model files, empowering developers to integrate sophisticated language capabilities into various tools and services.


Whether it’s chatbots, customer service platforms, content creation tools, or language translation services, these APIs offer a gateway to leverage GPT-4’s advanced features.

If you’re a developer eager to harness this potential, you can sign up for the API developer’s waitlist and anticipate gaining access to OpenAI’s innovative technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to Access GPT 4 for Free

Q: What is GPT-4?

A: GPT-4 is OpenAI’s fourth iteration of the GPT model, with improved capabilities and an expanded word limit, making it a pivotal tool for content creation.

Q: How can I use GPT-4?

A: GPT-4 can be accessed by joining the API waitlist on OpenAI’s website or subscribing to ChatGPT Plus.

Q: What are the new features of ChatGPT-4?

A: ChatGPT-4 is a multimodal model that can process both text and image inputs. It offers improved support for multiple languages, better conversational management, and an increased word limit.

Q: Is Chat GPT-4 currently available?

A: Yes, Chat GPT-4 is available to those who have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus.

Q: How do I access ChatGPT-4?

A: You can access ChatGPT-4 by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus or joining the API waitlist. You’ll also need tokens, which can be purchased at varying rates based on content length.

Q: Is Chat GPT-4 free?

A: Direct access to Chat GPT-4 is not free, but it can be used through integrated chatbots like Microsoft Bing and ForeFront AI.

Q: What can Chat GPT-4 do?

A: Chat GPT-4 can analyze text and images, providing a wide range of responses to user prompts.

Q: Is GPT-4 available to the public?

A: Currently, GPT-4 is only available to paying subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, with public access not yet available.

Q: What’s the cost of a ChatGPT Plus subscription?

A: ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month worldwide.

Q: Can Chat GPT-4 be used on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Chat GPT-4 can be used on mobile devices through subscription or integrated apps like Bing and Skype.

Q: What type of responses does Chat GPT-4 provide?

A: Chat GPT-4 can give varied responses, from humor and sarcasm to complex tasks, product recommendations, and image analysis.

Q: How can I use GPT-4 on different platforms?

A: GPT-4 can be accessed on platforms like Perplexity, ForeFront AI and by creating an account. It can be utilized with Hugging Face’s Transformers by installing their library, and on Poe, you can create your own bots powered by GPT-4.

Q: Which industries can use Chat GPT-4?

A: Chat GPT-4 can be used in many industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and engineering, potentially leading to job displacement.

Q: Is GPT-4 available to the public?

A: Currently, GPT-4 is only available to paying subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, with public access not yet available.

Q: Can I use GPT-4 for free?

A: Free access to GPT-4 is available on platforms like, Poe, ForeFront AI,, Hugging Face’s Transformers etc.

Q: What is the pricing for Poe AI?

A: Poe AI offers a free plan allowing one GPT-4 query per day, while their paid plan costs $19.99 per month, granting more queries and additional features.

Final Words

Explore these 10 free methods to utilize OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, and find the tool that suits your needs best.

These sites showcase GPT-4’s transformative potential in content creation.

You are welcome to provide feedback or questions in the comments section.

You can also read our other articles on ChatGPT in this blog.

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