Is ChatGPT Down Right Now? Possible Causes and Fixes

This article is a comprehensive guide to understanding, diagnosing and resolving potential access issues with ChatGPT downtime.

With recent user-reported problems ranging from log-in issues to non-responsive software, it provides clarity on the ambiguous question – Is ChatGPT down?

Using various methods such as checking the OpenAI status page and utilizing monitoring services, we will try to help users navigate potential outages and keep their ChatGPT operational.

Let’s get started.

Is ChatGPT Down Right now?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT service are currently not experiencing disruptions.

Is ChatGPT Down Right Now Possible Causes and Fixes

You can verify this by visiting OpenAI’s status website or DownDetector website, which highlights recent outages.

These platforms offer a status dashboard indicating the status and timings of the API and playground where ChatGPT is found.

While it’s challenging to predict the duration of the outage, such occurrences are rare with OpenAI.

Quick resolution tips include reloading the webpage or restarting the router. If these steps fail, the issue might lie within OpenAI’s system.

Why is ChatGPT Down – Causes?

ChatGPT may be down for several reasons, some of the causes could be:

Network Errors

ChatGPT may also be unavailable due to network errors like the ChatGPT 1020 error code.

Network Errors

Furthermore, “ChatGPT Bad Gateway” notifications could indicate a problem on the server-side or with the user’s connection.

Excessive website Traffic

A common cause of downtime is excessive traffic to the website, which can overload the server.

This usually results in the “ChatGPT is at capacity presently” message.

Excessive website Traffic

This issue usually arises when a large number of users try to use the service simultaneously exceeding the server’s capacity.

Server Accessibility

The service may be unavailable if its servers are inaccessible. This could result from internet connection problems, corrupt browser cache or cookies, or conflicting browser extensions.

Server Downtime

Occasionally, there may be a need for OpenAI’s servers to enter downtime for fixes or upgrades.

Server Downtime

This is rare, but necessary to ensure long-term service reliability.

Most Common ChatGPT Errors

Here are some of the most Common ChatGPT Errors:

1. Error Code 429

This error occurs due to excessive requests to the server in a short time. The solution is to simply be patient and reduce request frequency.

2. Network Error on Long Responses

This indicates server issues when returning a request, often due to firewall, server or network issues, or a timed-out connection.

3. Error Code 1020

The most common error, code 1020, results from unusual internet connection configuration or device settings, or possibly a misconfigured VPN. Steps to resolve include:

  • Flush DNS: In the Command Prompt window, enter “ipconfig /flushdns” and restart your PC.
  • Change DNS server: Go to Network and Internet -> Hardware properties, change the DNS server to manual mode, input Preferred DNS, Alternative, then restart.
  • Reset IP address: In the Command Prompt window, run commands: netsh winsock reset, netsh int ip reset, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns and restart your computer.

4. ChatGPT Network at Capacity

This appears when server capacity is maxed out due to high user requests. The only solution is to wait and refresh the page.

5. Login Error in ChatGPT

This may be due to incorrect username/password entry or expired cookies. To fix the latter, go to, click the padlock icon, select Site Settings, click on “Clear Data”, then refresh the page.

How to Check if ChatGPT is Down

There are three reliable methods to determine if ChatGPT is experiencing an outage: the OpenAI Status page, Twitter and Downdetector.

1. OpenAI Status Page

By visiting the OpenAI Status page, you can easily verify if there’s an issue with ChatGPT’s server or your API integration.


This official site provides comprehensive information on potential outages of core services, displaying a status dashboard with details about the application, status and timing of API and the Playground.

The latter is an interface for manual interaction with OpenAI services, which is crucial if you’re working with prompts on ChatGPT or GPT-3.

2. Utilizing Twitter

Twitter serves as a valuable resource during potential service disruptions.

Using Twitter

The online community often discusses issues and outages, so any downtime of ChatGPT may appear in Twitter trends.

Check OpenAI’s official account or search “ChatGPT down” to find relevant discussions.

3. Downdetector Service

Downdetector, a third-party website, consolidates user-reported issues to identify service difficulties.


Accessing the OpenAI page on Downdetector can help determine if ChatGPT is down. Any listed issues could explain difficulties you’re encountering with the platform.

Fixes to do when ChatGPT is Down

Some of the fixes and solutions are given below:

Consult Official Updates

Check for updates on the OpenAI website, official social media accounts, or other reliable sources for the status of ChatGPT.

Try Again Later

System outages or maintenance are usually temporary. Allow some time and attempt to use ChatGPT later.

Review OpenAI Status Page

The OpenAI status page provides updates on potential infrastructure issues, error rates and other problems affecting your use of ChatGPT.

Clear Site Data

Remove cookies and corrupted data by clearing your site’s data. This can be done via your browser’s settings.

Disable Browser Extensions

Disabling browser extensions can eliminate conflicts that may disrupt ChatGPT.

Restart Your Device

Restart Your Device

Try restarting your device in case it is experiencing technical difficulties.

Check Internet Connection

A good internet connection is necessary for smooth operation of ChatGPT. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

Try Different Devices or Networks

Attempt to access ChatGPT from a different device or network to determine if the issue is device or network-specific.

Explore Alternatives

Consider using other AI language models or similar platforms while ChatGPT is unavailable.

Consider ChatGPT Plus Subscription

ChatGPT Plus provides priority access even under heavy load for a subscription fee of $20 per month.

Use Bing AI Chat

Services like Bing AI chat or other AI chatbot alternatives can be used while ChatGPT is down.

Utilize a VPN

By using a VPN, you can send requests from different regions, potentially improving access chances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Why ChatGPT is Down

Q: Why is ChatGPT taking so long to respond?

A: The delays are primarily caused by the intense computational power needed to run the deep learning model of GPT. The user’s query gets processed on a server, which can sometimes take time.

Q: Why is ChatGPT not working?

A: Possible reasons include server overload due to a high number of users simultaneously accessing the chatbot, leading to a capacity issue.

Q: Why does ChatGPT stop?

A: Potential reasons could be interference from certain browser extensions, server maintenance, high user volume causing capacity issues, or internet connectivity disruptions.

Q: When was ChatGPT last down?

A: The most recent outage was on June 30, 2023 and it lasted for 30 minutes.

Q: How can one resolve issues with ChatGPT?

A: Steps include checking the internet connection, clearing browser cookies and disabling extensions, fixing corrupted browser cache or cookies, checking for ChatGPT outages online, or contacting OpenAI support.

Q: How frequently does ChatGPT experience downtime?

A: Rarely. It’s up 99.1% of the time as per OpenAI, but if the servers are busy, a wait of 15-30 minutes may be required.

Q: What is ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, known for its near-human responses and its ability to conduct complex conversations by referring to previous responses.

Q: Is ChatGPT free?

A: Yes, but a subscription-based service, ChatGPT Plus, is available at $20 a month offering priority access during peak hours, faster responses and access to the latest features.

Q: Is ChatGPT working now?

A: As of now, there are no detected issues with ChatGPT. The last outage was on June 30, 2023 and it lasted for about 3 hours.

I hope the solutions suggested in this article will help you in troubleshooting ChatGPT down issues.

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