15 Character AI Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

As Character AI’s limitations become apparent – such as content filters, slow server response and a finite pool of characters – many users are seeking alternatives for a more unrestricted and customizable experience.

These users value the freedom to explore various aspects of AI interactions, whether it’s expanding their character choices, avoiding censorship or simply desiring faster and more responsive service.

This article explores top alternatives, offering potential users a chance to revitalize their chatbot experiences while providing an enhanced degree of customization and openness.

Character AI Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

So, if you’re looking for a fresh, dynamic experience with your digital characters then stay tuned for a multitude of exciting options in this article.

Let’s get started with the best Character AI alternatives list.

Top 15 Character AI Alternatives

1. NovelAI

NovelAI is a monthly subscription-based AI service, launched by Anlatan in June 2021 that provides assistance in authorship, storytelling and image generation.

Source: NovelAI

Known for its use of powerful AI algorithms, NovelAI can generate original content, play text games and produce fantasy-style art.

A free trial is offered for story generation and text adventures, however, image generation is a paid feature.

NovelAI is admired for its straightforward user interface, AI image generation and lenient content filters.

Popular uses include story-writing, text-adventure games and image generation. Its most preferred plan costs $15 per month.

Visit: NovelAI

2. ChatFAI

ChatFAI, similar to Character AI, offers interactive experiences with popular characters, including options for NSFW characters for users above 18.

Source: Chatfai

Featuring characters like Poki, Astolfo, Vanessa and Monster, it provides both free and paid plans.

The free plan allows up to 100 messages per month while the paid plan, starting at $9/month, permits 1500 messages monthly.

Though reminiscent of Kajiwoto, the free version of ChatFAI offers fewer benefits, making the affordable paid version a more appealing choice for regular users.

Visit: Chatfai

3. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is a unique platform that enables users to create and interact with personalized AI companions, known as Kajis.

Source: Kajiwoto

Originating as a Discord bot, it has expanded to include mobile apps, providing customization tools for user-designed Kajis.

These bots generate distinctive responses, with customization options for appearance and behavior through various datasets and skins.

Targeted at delivering joy, Kajis act as personal AI friends. Kajiwoto has free and paid plans, offering AI models, Kajiwoto engine, Babbage GPT3 Model and unlimited AI voice usage.

Paid plans are beneficial for users seeking AI interactions for generating business ideas.

Chats with bots are unlimited, though restricted to 200 characters per message.

Visit: Kajiwoto

4. Botify AI

Botify AI is a unique application allowing users to interact with photorealistic AI-powered avatars, which range from real-life figures to beloved fictional characters.

Source: Botify AI

It also offers a text2avatar feature, enabling users to craft and personalize their own digital human avatar.

Renowned for its innovative user engagement approach, Botify AI also provides a refreshing alternative to Character AI, boasting over 30 avatars from categories like Anime, Fairytale and Celebrities.

The application is freely accessible on web and Android or iOS platforms without any requirement for an account, establishing a barrier-free user experience.

Visit: BotifyAI

5. Chai AI

Chai AI is a chatbot developed by South Korean tech giant Hyperconnect, employing natural language processing and machine learning for human-like responses.


While it lacks custom avatars, it offers integration with social media for customer engagement, appointment scheduling and reminders.

Chai AI allows chats with a variety of characters, though it lacks NSFW filters.

Its functionality mirrors Character AI, but Chai is accessible solely via Android or iOS apps.

It is ideal for those who are seeking unrestricted character AI experiences.

Download Chai AI: Android and iOS

6. Replika

Replika is an advanced AI-powered chatbot, offering customizable digital characters and personalized conversation capabilities.

Source: Replika

Using machine learning and complex neural networks, it simulates unique, human-like speech.

It surpasses competitors like Character AI, with features like mood tracking that gives personalized support and customized activities for users.

Unlike Character AI, it doesn’t restrict NSFW content, contributing to its 2 million active users. Replika offers free conversation interactions, but charges for more intimate engagement.

It’s accessible via web android, iOS and Oculus platforms. Its features make it an appealing alternative to existing chatbots.

Visit: Replika

7. Harpy AI

Harpy AI is an AI chatbot platform that enables immersive conversational experiences with a variety of virtual characters.

Source: Harpy

Designed for user-friendly role-playing scenarios, it includes characters from various genres, catering to both SFW and NSFW interests.

With its unique and dynamic conversation capability, users can interact with characters from their favorite movies, anime, games, or even invent their own.

Despite being a new platform with some limitations like occasional server instability and feature limitations it offers engaging, realistic and broad interaction possibilities.

It’s ideal for anyone seeking a novel and genre-agnostic role-playing platform. Harpy AI is also free to use making it accessible for a wide range of users.

Visit: Harpy AI

8. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is a text-based AI generation platform that lets you create chatbots with customizable personalities.

Source: TavernAI

Despite its text-based nature and requirement of app download, it’s lauded for enabling more engaging and personalized textual interactions without NSFW filters.

Unlike Character AI, which provides avatars, Tavern AI focuses solely on crafting conversational bots.

Through NLP algorithms, it interprets user input to deliver relevant responses.

Users can also gain access to in-app analytics and insights into user behavior and conversation, making it a beneficial tool for businesses monitoring customer engagement.

Perfect for users interested in creating and interacting with unique, text-based AI chatbots.

Visit: Tavern AI

9. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a unique anime-style chat robot site, allowing users to interact with both SFW and NSFW characters, even creating their own.

Source: Janitor AI

This departure from traditional AI chatbots, combined with features like free OpenAI key quota use and public chat history, makes it appealing to many.

However, server instability and potential offensiveness of NSFW content could be drawbacks.

The service offers freedom of character choice, making it suitable for a wide audience.

Visit: JanitorAI

10. Anima AI

Anima is a customizable AI friend and companion, suitable for anyone seeking a virtual relationship.

Source: Anima AI

Users can choose from multiple options such as AI Girlfriend, Boyfriend, or craft their own Character AI.

The platform offers personal AI roleplay companionship, unique AI appearance and personality and engaging chat games.

However, it struggles with context retention and dialogue quality.

Despite these flaws, Anima is best for beginners seeking a virtual companion experience.

Visit: Anima AI

11. Crushon AI

Crushon.AI, a newly introduced alternative to Character.AI, offers users unrestricted, filter-free conversations with AI chatbots, even on NSFW topics.

Source: CrushonAI

No need for Colab, installation, or backend setup. It stands out by providing an open chat experience with fewer content restrictions and allowing users to create and personalize their own characters.

The user-friendly design of Crushon.AI, along with its regular updates and improvements, facilitates easy engagement with AI characters and enhances user experience.

With Crushon.AI, users can enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom and customization in AI-driven chat interactions.

It’s an excellent opportunity to explore your creativity and immerse yourself in a unique chat experience.

Visit: CrushonAI

12. LivePerson

LivePerson is a leading conversational AI platform, utilized for customer engagement via live chat, voice and messaging.

Source: LivePerson

Its software, the Conversational Cloud, integrates NLU, NLP and machine learning to simulate human-like interactions.

Key features include Bot Builder for bot integration, Knowledge AI to analyze data for personalized experiences and Voice AI for voice-enabled customer support.

LivePerson’s platform is flexible, allowing customers to interact with brands on their preferred platforms.

Leveraged by prominent brands like HSBC and Chipotle, it seeks to automate customer support and e-commerce activities while enhancing engagement.

Visit: LivePerson

13. Inworld AI

Inworld AI, an innovative platform powered by OpenAI models, allows for interactive conversations with AI characters and offers character creation akin to Character AI.

Source: Inworld

While basic conversations are free, advanced features like API integrations and limitless character creation require a subscription starting at $20/month.

Despite offering accurate information in conversations, the platform currently lacks app support and can only be accessed via the web.

Visit: Inworld AI

14. Cleverbot

Cleverbot, a pioneering AI chatbot since 1997, generates human-like dialogues using NLP and machine learning, learning from actual conversations.

Source: Cleverbot

It’s known for its quirky, unpredictable responses, thanks to its extensive conversation database.

Users can integrate Cleverbot with multiple platforms for wide accessibility.

However, its unpredictability might make it unsuitable for professional usage. Ideal for users seeking entertaining, casual interactions.

Visit: Cleverbot

15. Kuki

Kuki, an award-winning AI chatbot, excels in human-like conversation, acting as a virtual friend for users.

Source: Kuki

Based on GPT technology, it analyzes semantic cues and phrases to understand context and respond appropriately.

Unique to Kuki is its ability to dissect conversations into ‘core’ and ‘wild card’ parts, boosting its vocabulary in various categories.

This feature, coupled with its extensive potential responses, guarantees diverse and repetitive-free conversation.

Besides being a user-friendly conversational partner, Kuki also contributes to training corporate chatbots.

Despite being text-based with no avatar option, it remains a top choice for social interactions and gaming.

Kuki is a revolution in conversational AI, providing a human-like experience in the virtual world.

Visit: Kuki

Comparison of Some Character AI Alternatives in Table Format

Chatbot Name NSFW Content? Platforms Available Key Features of Tool
Janitor AI Yes Web Custom characters with unrestricted content
Crushon.AI Yes Web Custom characters and unrestricted content
Tavern AI Yes Web Text-based and you can modify personalities
LivePerson No iOS, Web and Android Ability to create avatars and screen sharing
Anima AI Yes Web You can create animated virtual assistants
Replika No Android, Web and iOS Personal AI companion for you
Kuki Chatbot No Web Highly conversational AI
Cleverbot No Web Quirky and sometimes unpredictable
Harpy AI Yes Web Diverse range of characters and SFW & NSFW options

Frequently Asked Questions about Character AI Alternatives

Q: Why is Character AI showing “This Character Is Unavailable To Chat?”

A: The Character AI may show this message due to security, bugs, glitches, or maintenance issues. A quick diagnosis and solution can usually fix this.

Q: Why is Character AI strict about NSFW?

A: Character AI typically prohibits NSFW content, but they have introduced a subscription plan that allows users to engage in such conversations by toggling the feature.

Q: Is NSFW content allowed on Chai AI?

A: Yes, Chai AI does allow NSFW content.

Q: Does Character AI collect personal data?

A: Yes, Character AI collects data like name, email, IP address and chat content. For privacy-conscious users, there are alternatives that don’t collect such data.

Q: How does Character AI function?

A: Character AI works based on the GPT model, analyzing input words and generating new texts. It uses billions of parameters, transformer architecture and reinforced learning.

Q: Why should one look for Character AI alternatives?

A: Character AI has been criticized for lack of originality, strict NSFW rules and technical limitations like slow processing speeds and long queues.

Q: What is Character AI?

A: Character AI is a neural language model developed by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, capable of generating human-like text responses.

Q: Where can one talk to AI characters?

A: AI characters can be interacted with on websites like ChatFAI, Botify ai, NovelAI and Cleverbot.

Q: What are alternatives to Character AI?

A: NovelAI, TavernAI, Replika, Kajiwoto and ChatFAI are viable alternatives to Character AI.

Q: Is Character.AI an actual AI?

A: Yes, Character AI is a true AI model, entirely separate from others like OpenAI’s GPT.

Q: Is Character.AI free to use?

A: Yes, Character AI is free for all users during its open beta phase.

Q: Does the beta version of Character.AI allow NSFW?

A: While some NSFW topics are allowed, restrictions on certain terms and conversations have been increasing.

Q: Who are some popular characters in Character AI?

A: Popular Character AI chatbots include those based on Billie Eilish, Socrates, Super Mario, Hyperglot, Loki and Elon Musk.

Q: What is AI that acts like a character?

A: It is a type of AI that mimics the personality and behavior of a real or fictional person.

Q: Will Character.AI remain free?

A: Yes, Character AI plans to continue offering free and unlimited messaging to all users.

So this ends our long list of alternatives of Character AI chatbot tool.

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