Character AI Labs: How to Get Started with C.Ai+ LABS

Character AI Labs, a section of the Character AI app, enables paid subscribers to beta-test new features before public release, offering more control and creative power.

The limited exclusive features aim at improving user experience. As these are in the development phase, they may lack polish and may change or be removed based on user feedback.

This early sharing facilitates feedback-led refinement of the app experience.

In this post, I will provide a detailed walkthrough of Character AI Labs, its current features and guidelines for starting to use it.

Character AI Labs How to Get Started with C.Ai+ LABS

Let’s start.

What Is Character AI Labs?

Character AI Labs is a specialized app section that enables paid subscribers to beta-test new features prior to public launch.


It targets the platform’s most engaged users, offering a limited number of unique test features.

These enhancements and additions will help to provide better chat control and improve the user experience for Character AI Plus subscribers.

Features of Character AI Labs

Character AI Labs has introduced new features to enhance the user experience. These include:

Creative Mode

This innovative feature gives users greater control over AI conversations.

Users can role-play as multiple characters, directing the flow of conversation without relying solely on AI responses.


Once a dialogue context is established, AI characters produce improved outputs. Furthermore, users can manage the speaking order of AI characters and specify their roles.

This differs from Character AI rooms where users are the sole non-AI participants.

Chat Animation Speed

This feature allows users to adjust the speed at which text from AI characters is generated, enhancing immersion by either slowing down or speeding up text generation.


Chat Color Customization

Users can now customize text colors in chats for both their own messages and responses generated by AI characters.


How You Can Access Character AI Labs

To use Character AI Labs, log into your Character.AI account and find “Creative Mode” in the Featured Characters list.


Once in Creative Mode, initiate with a Narrator.

You can choose a speaker from the bottom left dropdown (Narrator, Your Username, or a new speaker).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Character AI Labs

Q: Is Character.AI Plus worth it?

A: Character.AI Plus, costing $9.99 per month, provides priority server access, eliminating wait times of up to 40 minutes. It can be seen as valuable for those who value their time and frequently use the service. Plus members also gain early access to exclusive, unreleased features.

Q: Does Character.AI use real people?

A: Character.AI’s chats do not involve real people but are generated by an AI language model.

Q: How much does Character.AI cost?

A: Character AI Plus costs $9.99 per month, or approximately $120 annually. No reduced rates for annual subscriptions have been announced as of their initial launch.

Q: Is Character.AI a real person?

A: No, Character.AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot application. It uses neutral language models to simulate conversation with user-developed characters and historical, fictional, or celebrity figures.

Q: How to customize chat colors in the Character.AI Mobile App?

A: To customize chat colors in the Character.AI Mobile App, update to the latest version of the app, go to the Profile section, click on C.AI+ LABS and choose colors for your messages and those of the Character.

I hope this article shed light on Character AI Labs.

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