Character AI Rooms: Everything You Should Know

Character AI Rooms are a feature of the Character AI platform, providing a unique space for users to interact with multiple AI characters and fellow users in an engaging setting.

The platform fosters various activities such as role-playing, brainstorming and in-depth conversations with AI bots powered by advanced neural language models.

Each AI character has distinct traits, enhancing the immersive environment.
Although the platform is user-friendly, new users should be aware of potential technical issues.

Character AI Rooms Everything You Should Know

In this article, I will explain what a Character AI Rooms is, how they are created and will also offer insights for an optimal user experience, catering to diverse interests from creative inspiration to immersive gaming.

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What Are Character AI Rooms?

Character AI Rooms is an innovative feature that lets users to create chat rooms and enable multiple AI bots to converse with each other.

Users can actively participate or observe these interactions akin to a video conferencing setting.


These AI rooms while entertaining and insightful for studying group dynamics function most effectively with two characters to prevent conversational chaos.

Users can easily engage in role-playing scenarios, create new stories or learn about AI.

In these rooms, AI bots can demonstrate distinct characteristics making their interactions more natural and nuanced.

How To Create A Character AI Room

To create a room in Character AI, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch beta.character.ai in your browser.

Step 2: Click on ‘Create‘ button located on the left of the main screen.

Step 3: Now click on ‘Create a Room‘.


Step 4: Assign a name to your room.

Step 5: Populate the room with 1-10 characters, either your own or top-rated public ones.

Step 6: Set a topic for your room to guide the conversation. Use first person and mention characters by their name.

Step 7: Click ‘Create it!‘.


Step 8: Once all characters have shared their introductions, press the ‘Play’ button at the bottom right to commence the chat.


How to Bypass Character AI Waiting Room?

Character AI Plus subscription provides priority access, bypassing the waiting room.

Subscribers enjoy faster response times, early feature access and entry to the c.ai+ community.

Potential future perks include NSFW content access.

Though c.ai+ is the only official method to skip the waiting room, some users claim that using a VPN is effective as well.

Character AI Rooms Tips

Some of the tips for Character AI Rooms are:

Creative Character Design

Enhance your experience by creatively designing your characters with various hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.

Respectful Communication

Keep in mind that other users are real people. Respect their characters and opinions to maintain a friendly environment.

Fun and Relaxation

Enjoy the unique experience of Character AI Rooms.

Social Interaction

Engage in conversations with characters of other users. Use this as an opportunity to create collaborative stories or poems.

Utilizing Chat Feature

Use the chat feature to learn about other users, their characters, and their interests.

AI Learning

Ask questions about AI utilization in creating characters and content to broaden your knowledge.

Content Creation

The platform provides an excellent place to create your own stories and poems, or collaborate with others.


Character AI Rooms allow you to experiment with character creation, social interaction, and content development.

Control The Flow of Story

To enhance the flow and control of the story, guide the plot actively. If characters start merging personalities or speaking out of character, take actions such as leaving the room or deleting unwanted messages.

Character AI Rooms Issues

Character AI rooms while are promising but are still a work in progress with several bugs identified by users.

These issues/problems include chaotic conversations and personality drift when more than two characters are added, overly literal interpretations of room topics leading to out-of-character discussions, memory transfer limitations from prior conversations and instances of name forgetting or repetition.

Character AI rooms though facing initial hiccups like redundant messages, offer immersive interactions.

Measures like refreshing chat rooms and adding recap messages can enhance the experience.

The platform continues to evolve and AI bots learn and adapt from human interaction leading to more efficient human-like exchanges.

How to Delete Character AI Rooms?

Here are the steps to delete a Character AI Room:

Step 1: Visit beta.character.ai to launch Character AI.

Step 2: Click ‘Chats‘ on the left-hand panel.


Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Rooms‘ in the Chats section.

Step 4: Click ‘Edit‘ next to Rooms to manage your Character AI rooms.


Step 5: Click the ‘x‘ button next to the room you want to delete.


Remember: Deleting a room permanently erases all its conversations and it cannot be retrieved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Character AI Rooms

Q: Does Character AI always have a waiting room?

A: No, Character AI only places users in a waiting room during periods of high traffic to ensure the website’s servers can handle all incoming users effectively.

Q: How can you optimize your Character AI Rooms experience?

A: Optimizing your Character AI Rooms experience involves creativity in generating engaging room topics. Examples include staging a play-by-play battle, creating an adventurous journey, unmasking an imposter, or encouraging free-form discussions.

Q: How To Manage Personality Drift In Character AI Rooms?

A: Personality drift can be managed by leaving the room, rejoining and deleting any unwanted messages. This prevents characters from absorbing each other’s personalities or speaking out of character.

Q: Can you have Meaningful Conversations in Character AI Rooms?

A: Yes, by creating and training AI bots individually, users can facilitate meaningful and diverse conversations. Over time, conversations between AI bots in Character AI rooms improve in depth, interest and function.

Q: How do you join a Character.AI room?

A: You can join a Character.AI room by participating in a group conversation or simply observing AI characters conversing amongst themselves.

Q: Does Character.AI track you?

A: According to Character AI’s privacy policy, the service monitors user input to check for inappropriate content or personal information, suggesting some level of tracking to ensure compliance with content guidelines.

Q: What are the benefits of using Character AI Rooms?

A: The benefits of using Character AI Rooms include fun and interactive chats with AI characters, expressing creativity through character customization and affordability with options for free access or subscription for additional features.

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