Fix: Beta.Character.AI Page Can’t be Found Error

Are you getting “Beta.Character.AI page cannot be found” error when you are trying to access the site beta.character.ai.

The issue usually occurs when the server is unable to handle user load, either due to routine maintenance or because it is overwhelmed with chat requests or login attempts.

In such cases, the website may display the “page can’t be found error”.

Another potential cause is a disrupted internet connection, which can prevent the Character AI official website from loading, resulting in the error message.

Fix Beta.Character.AI Page Can’t be Found Error

In this article, I will provide you tips and tricks to address this common error and access the site successfully.

So let’s dive in.

Why is Character.AI website not working?

Character AI can face technical issues like bugs or server outages, preventing access or proper usage.

Sometimes, problems arise due to user errors like wrong login details or incorrect tool usage.

Why website not working

Unstable internet connection can also impede access to Character AI.

Furthermore, it might not be compatible with all operating systems, browsers, or devices, so checking system requirements is crucial.

This can happen during maintenance or updates as the tool’s functionality or availability may be affected.

How to fix Beta.Character.AI Page Can’t be Found Error?

Facing a ‘page not found’ error while accessing Character AI website can be a frustrating experience.

However, the below steps will offer troubleshooting methods to tackle the issue effectively.

Disabling Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser extensions by Chrome can occasionally interfere with website functionality.


Disabling your extensions may resolve issues preventing the Character AI site from working.

Checking the Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for smooth browsing. Report any continuous disruptions to your service provider and check the network setup.

Alternatively, try connecting to a different, reliable WiFi network and attempt to access Character AI again.

Using Character AI App

The Character AI app, available on both Android and iOS, provides an alternate way to access the tool if the website is unreachable. Install the app, sign up or log in and start exploring its features.

Closing and Re-launching the Browser

A temporary bug might be the cause of the issue. Try closing the browser and reopening it to access the Character AI website. If the problem persists, consider using other troubleshooting methods.

Upgrading to Character AI Plus Subscription Plan

Users have reported that upgrading to Character AI Plus, the premium version of the tool, can alleviate the ‘page not found’ error.


The paid version offers instant access to chats, even during high server loads, as well as exclusive features and community access.

Using a Different Browser (Edge, Firefox)

If the problem persists in your primary browser, consider accessing Character AI using a different browser. If successful, update or reinstall your original browser to rectify the issue.

Updating the Browser to Current Version

Bugs in an outdated browser version can create incompatibility with certain websites, preventing them from loading.

Check for any pending updates for your browser and install them. This might fix the loading issue with the Character AI website.

Clearing Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache can resolve issues with website functionality. Delete your browser cache and cookies, then try reloading the Character AI site.


Changing DNS Settings

Changing your DNS settings can also help if the Character AI website isn’t loading.

DNS, which stores information about IP addresses, is typically set by your ISP, but you can manually change this in your browser’s settings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Not Opening Error in Character AI

Q: Why is my beta Character AI not working?

A: It could be due to a variety of issues such as technical difficulties, insufficient resources, slow running, compatibility issues, user error, data quality issues or even app restrictions in certain regions.

Q: Why can’t I access Character AI?

A: Access issues might be due to data conflicts. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might solve this issue.

Q: Why is Character AI not working on my phone?

A: It might be because your mobile app is outdated. Verify if any updates are available and install them.

Q: Does Character AI need WiFi?

A: Yes, Character AI requires internet access to function properly.

Q: Why isn’t Character AI working?

A: It might be due to an outdated app version, inadequate storage space, damaged app data or cache, or conflicting permissions on your Android device.

Q: How long until Character.AI is back up?

A: Generally, Character AI server outages are resolved within 15-30 minutes.

Q: Is beta Character.AI safe for kids?

A: Yes, Character.AI is considered safe. They have strong security measures in place and provide transparent information about their terms of service and privacy policy.

I hope the solutions and suggestions will help you to access Character AI website.

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