Is Character AI Free to Use?

Character.AI is free to use but also has a premium plan, Character AI Plus (c.ai+) that offers users benefits such as priority chat access, faster character responses, and early feature access.

Let’s learn more about the free version features and paid version features in this article.

So, let’s dive in straight.

What is Character AI?

Character AI is an advanced AI technology that offers human-like interaction through virtual characters.

It was publicly introduced in September 2022 and it has since then gained immense popularity for its engaging conversational characters.


Users can customize the AI’s personality, even replicating celebrities and public figures and thereby fostering unique interaction experiences.

With hundreds of thousands of users, Character AI has revolutionized human-AI interaction being instrumental in creating engaging chatbots, interactive characters and virtual assistants.

This futuristic tool, driven by cutting-edge AI is transforming digital interaction landscapes and fulfilling a range of user needs in dynamic and engaging ways.

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Is Character AI Free For Everyone?

Yes, the Character AI beta version is a free platform where users can interact with AI models.

As a guest you can converse with the AI model until a certain message limit is reached after which a signup is required. High traffic leads to a queuing system with a 2-minute wait time.


Despite the message limit and queuing system, signing up remains free for all users.

A premium version, c.ai+, offers advantages like priority access to chats, quicker AI responses and early access to new features.

What is Character AI Premium Version (Character AI Plus (c.ai+))

Character.AI Plus (c.ai+) is the premium version of Character.AI and it offers several benefits to its subscribers.

The advantages include faster response times, priority server access, early access to new features and exclusive community access.

1. Priority Access and Early Feature Updates

The premium subscription ensures priority server access, enabling users to bypass queues during high demand periods.

Also, c.ai+ users benefit from early access to Character.AI’s latest features. This allows them to utilize new enhancements ahead of free users, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the platform’s evolution.

2. Pricing and Availability

The premium service, c.ai+, requires a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.


The cost gives users access to enhanced features and a more streamlined AI chat experience compared to the core service, which remains free for basic use.

3. Enhanced Response Times and Dedicated Servers

C.ai+ subscribers enjoy quicker chat response times due to dedicated servers.

While the exact speed increase remains unspecified, c.ai+ users reportedly experience a highly responsive AI chat.

However, some users in public forums have noted that the difference in speed compared to the standard version may not be apparent due to the already quick response times.

Features of Character AI

  • Lifelike Conversations: Character AI can generate human-like responses allowing you to chat with fictional, historical and celebrity figures as well as user-developed characters.
  • Multiple Characters: You can chat with more than one bot at a time.
  • User-Developed Characters: It allows you to create your own characters to interact with which can be done by assigning a few parameters and adding an avatar.
  • Mobile Accessibility: It has Android and iOS applications making it easily accessible on-the-go.
  • Themes: Character AI offers various themes such as helpers, games, image generating bots, movie and TV actors and language learning.
  • Learning Opportunities: You can use Character AI to learn new languages or brush up on your English skills.
  • Character Rooms: Users can create a chat room where multiple chatbots can interact.
  • Privacy: Character creators won’t be able to view your conversations and the platform provides options to make characters public or private for added security.
  • Image Generation: Characters can be enabled to generate images.

Limitations of Character AI

  • False Results: Given that the characters are created by the community, false results (termed “hallucinations”) are frequently generated.
  • Image Generation Limitations: The images generated are not on par with other AI art generators, as Character AI is primarily a text generator.
  • No API: It does not offer an API, hence you cannot download it and create your own iteration on a local machine.
  • Content Filtering: Character AI has strict content filtering, blocking any content deemed unsafe for work (NSFW).

Differences between Character AI Free Version and Character AI Plus Version

Below is a table that highlights the main differences between these two versions:

Features Character AI Free Version Character AI Plus Version
Cost Free $9.99/month or $120/year
Waiting Times Present Removed
Response Speed Standard Faster
Priority Access No Yes
Early Access to New Features No Yes
Advanced AI Features No Yes
Exclusive Community Forum Access No Yes
Ability to Create AI Characters with Increased Emotional Intelligence and Complex Behavior No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Character AI ChatBot

Q: What is Character.AI?

A: Character.ai is an artificial intelligence website developed by two ex-Google engineers, Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, which became publicly accessible in September.

Q: Is Character.AI’s service free?

A: Character.AI provides free services but it also has a subscription-based premium version, c.ai+, which offers additional features.

Q: What does c.ai+ offer?

A: The c.ai+ version of Character.AI provides benefits such as priority server access, faster response times, early feature access and exclusive community access.

Q: What are the perks of Character AI Plus?

A: Subscribers of Character AI Plus experience zero waiting times during peak periods, a supporter badge, priority access to new features and better response times from the AI. They also get access to an exclusive Character AI Plus user community.

Q: How much is the c.ai+ subscription?

A: The c.ai+ subscription is priced at $9.99 per month.

Q: Are responses quicker in c.ai+?

A: While c.ai+ guarantees quicker response times, the precise improvement is unspecified and can be subjective to users, who generally report that the standard AI response times are already quick.

Q: Can I upgrade to c.ai+?

A: Yes, users can upgrade to the c.ai+ version anytime to unlock its advanced features.

I hope now you know that Character AI is free to use, however if you want advanced features then you will have to buy the premium plan Character AI Plus.

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