Top List of Midjourney Commands You Should Know

Midjourney commands facilitate various tasks such as image generation, profile monitoring and altering default settings.

They can be executed on private Discord servers or via direct messages with the bot.

The “/imagine” command is the primary way to interact with Midjourney, but there are many more commands available.

These commands can adjust the quality and size of image generation among other things.

Top List of Midjourney Commands You Should Know

This article will provide an in-depth understanding of all Midjourney commands, including command inputs, stylize commands, quality command, upscaler parameters and more.

By learning these Midjourney commands you will be able to to master the use of the AI bot effectively on the platform.

Basic Midjourney Commands

The Midjourney bot has been developed with a number of key commands to ensure smooth and efficient user interactions.

  • /imagine – It takes a text prompt such as “/imagine waffles and pancakes” and utilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate an image based on this input, transforming words into visuals.
  • /help – This is a support command that provides users with useful tips and guidelines about how to effectively use the Midjourney bot, ensuring they can unlock its full potential.
  • /info – This command serves as a personal assistant, providing users with essential details about their profiles. It pulls data to display the current status and historical activity of a user’s account.
  • /settings – This command allows users to control their preferences in a comprehensive way, letting them adjust a variety of parameters including Midjourney versions, image quality, style, upscale, and multiple mode settings. This helps in personalizing the bot’s behavior and output.
  • /subscribe – This command is for users who want to commit to using the Midjourney bot more extensively. It allows them to subscribe and receive updates and features regularly.
  • /fast – It lets you switche the bot into Fast mode. This accelerates the image generation process, albeit possibly sacrificing some consistency and increasing costs.
  • /relax – This command allows the bot to generate images at a slower pace, yet without any cost to the user.
  • /show – This command help users to keep track of their image generation jobs and enables them to revive any previously generated image using its unique job ID.
  • /prefer – By using this command users gain more control over settings, with access to custom Midjourney options.
  • /private – sets a user’s jobs to private, ensuring only they can see them,
  • /public – makes all jobs visible to the wider user community.

Advanced parameters for the “/imagine” Command

  • -beta: This is an experimental version of an algorithm used to create images.
  • -hd: This is a previous version of an algorithm used for the production of high-resolution images.
  • -v <1 or 2>: This applies a previous version of the algorithm for the final refinement.
  • -w: Defines the width of the generated image.
  • -h: Specifies the height of the generated image.
  • -aspect/-ar: Creates images with a defined aspect ratio.
  • -iw: Sets the weight of the image prompt.
  • -seed: Assigns the seed value for creating images.
  • -sameseed: Uses the same seed value across all images created.
  • -stylize : Sets the intensity of the image style.
  • -q : Modifies the quality of the image.
  • -chaos : Manages the level of randomness in the image.
  • -fast: Produces images more rapidly but with less uniformity and lower expenses.
  • -no (e.g., -no plants): Ousts a specific component from the image.
  • -uplight: Employs the “light” upscaling technique for creating images.
  • -video: Stores a video demonstrating the progression of the image creation.
  • -stop: Halts the process of image creation.

Model Version Parameters

  • –niji: It is an alternative model that is focused on anime-style images.
  • –hd: Use an early alternative Model producing larger, less consistent images.
  • –test: Use the Midjourney special test model.
  • –testp: Use the Midjourney special photography focused test model.
  • –version <1, 2, 3, 4 or 5> or –v <1 2, 3, 4 or 5>: It uses an earlier version of the Midjourney algorithm.

Upscaler Parameters

  • -uplight: Utilizes a “light” upscaler for smoother, less detailed images.
  • -upbeta – Employs a Beta Upscaler yielding images with fewer additional details.
  • -upanime – uses a unique upscaler compatible with the “-niji Midjourney Model”.

Stylize Commands

  • -s 625: Less artistic.
  • -s 1250: Less strict but visually appealing to eyes.
  • -s 2500: Default value for stylization.
  • -s 20000: Allows the stylization to take over.
  • -s 60000: Maximum stylization.

Quality Commands

  • -q 0.25: 4x faster, rougher results but cheaper.
  • -q 0.5: 2x faster, less detailed but cheaper.
  • -q 1: Default value for image quality.
  • -q 2: 2x slower, more detailed, more expensive.
  • -q 5: Experimental quality setting.

Text Weights

  • /imagine pizza::1.5 food::-1
  • /imagine cat::1.25 animal::-0.75
  • /imagine pizza food::-1 animal

Preferences and Settings Commands

  • /settings: Opens the visual settings menu options.
  • /prefer auto_dm True: Automatically sends generated images to your Direct Messages.
  • /prefer option set : It sets a shortcut to a value, similar to keyboard shortcuts.
  • /prefer option list: This command displays a list of your preferred options.
  • /prefer suffix: It adjusts non-visual settings.
  • /prefer suffix : This will add a specific suffix to every prompt.

Deprecated Commands

  • /private (replaced with /stealth)
  • /idea
  • /pixels

Other Additional Commands

  • /docs: This command will quickly generate a link to topics covered in the user guide.
  • /daily_theme: It toggles notification pings for the #daily-theme channel update.
  • /faq: Generates a link to popular prompt craft channel FAQs (it is only available in the official Midjourney Discord server).
  • /describe – It will write four example prompts based on an image you upload.
  • /returns: It checks the eligibility for return, refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions about Midjourney Commands

Q: How can I generate Midjourney images in direct messages?

A: Click the “DM icon” on the top right corner of your Discord server web page, find and click “Midjourney”, then start typing your prompt using the “/imagine” command.

Q: Is there a way to insert image URLs in Midjourney?

A: Yes, use the “/blend” command to insert and blend up to five image URLs. If you need to include text descriptions, use the “/imagine” command.

Q: What is the Midjourney bot?

A: The Midjourney bot is a software in the Discord server that responds to queries, part of Midjourney AI’s art generator.

Q: Does Midjourney have an API?

A: Midjourney has an internal API for the Discord bot, but there’s currently no plan to release a public Midjourney API.

Q: Can I customize Midjourney commands to meet my needs?

A: Yes, many software applications allow customization of Midjourney commands. Check the settings or preferences menu of your software.

Q: How do “/private” and “/stealth” commands differ in Midjourney?

A: There’s no difference. Both keep your Midjourney image generations private. The “/private” command was deprecated and replaced with “/stealth”.

Q: How can I remember all the Midjourney commands?

A: The best way is to regularly practice using them, which will make them second nature over time.

Q: How do I give a command in Midjourney?

A: Send commands by entering a front slash followed by the command word, for example, /imagine.

Q: Are Midjourney commands only available in software applications?

A: No, they can be used in web browsers, operating systems, and even video games, though specific commands may vary.

Q: Which Midjourney command should be used for multiple image URLs: “/blend” or “/imagine”?

A: Both “/blend” and “/imagine” blend multiple images, but with different limitations. “/blend” processes up to 5 image URLs and doesn’t work with text prompts, while “/imagine” can be challenging to use on mobile devices for blending multiple image URLs.

Q: Can I add the Midjourney bot to my server?

A: Yes, server owners can add the Midjourney Bot. Click on its profile inside the Discord server and click “Add to Server”.

Q: How do I use the Midjourney bot on Discord?

A: Use it on any Discord server with the bot installed. Enter /imagine followed by a description to create an image.

So that’s it – I have covered all the most popular Midjourney commands in this article.

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