Midjourney Free Trial: Everything You Need to Know

The Midjourney free trial is an enticing offer that presents users with a taste of AI’s creative potential through 25 free image generations.

It’s a good offer for anyone who is interested in delving into the realm of generative AI.

However, it’s not lost on us that a paid membership might not be feasible for everyone.

I’ve written this comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the MidJourney free trial limit and maximize your benefits from it.

Midjourney Free Trial Everything You Need to Know

We will shed light on various facets such as the offerings of the free trial, its inherent limitations, and a step-by-step guide on kickstarting your journey.

By using the trial effectively, you can explore this innovative technology without making a financial commitment upfront.

Let’s begin!

Understanding the Midjourney Free Trial

Midjourney provides a generous free trial to its new users that allows them to generate up to 25 ‘jobs’ utilizing the platform’s AI-driven tools.

Midjourney Free Trial
Image credit: Midjourney

A ‘job‘ basically can range from image upscaling to creating grid images or generating varied images using the Midjourney Bot.

This opportunity is perfect for exploring the platform’s capabilities without incurring any upfront costs.

Midjourney’s free trial virtually grants you unrestricted access to the platform, with no limitations on the quality or speed of image generation.

FeatureFree Trial
Relaxed GPU hoursNot available
Fast GPU hours0.4 hr/lifetime
Usage rightsCC BY-NC 4.0
Jobs3 concurrent jobs, 10 jobs in the queue

However, there are some exclusive features such as stealth and relax modes which are only accessible to paid subscribers but these aren’t considered indispensable for the platform’s usage.

A major difference for the free trial users is the inability to directly message the Midjourney bot and work solo.

This necessitates image generation in general channels alongside numerous users, which can lead to confusion due to the large volume of prompts and images being shared.

Midjourney Free Trial Limit

Midjourney’s free trial offers 25 images for generation, which technically means 100 images as they are generated in 4-image grids.

If the user wants to obtain their desired image one by one they can do that from this grid.

However, images generated through a free trial are not licensed for commercial use.

The trial is connected to your Discord account, but the limitation is the 25-job cap.

After exhausting this free limit, a paid subscription will be necessary for continued use of Midjourney’s features.

Midjourney Free Trial Account Restrictions

Midjourney’s free trial offers unrestricted platform access, but limitations exist. Commercial use of generated images isn’t permitted, only personal use.

Advanced features like stealth and relax modes are exclusive to paid subscriptions.

Free users can only generate images in general channels, not through direct messaging the bot.

This restriction could make tracking prompts and images challenging due to crowded channels.

To use Midjourney for business or access advanced features, a paid subscription is needed.

How to Set Up your Midjourney Free Trial

To start a Midjourney free trial follow the below steps:

  • You need to create a Discord account.
  • Visit the Discord website and then follow the instructions to set up an account.
  • Once you have creaed your Discord account, join the Midjourney Discord server.
  • To find the server, use the search bar in Discord, type “Midjourney”, and click on the official server to join.
  • Once you’ve joined the server, you can start using the platform’s features.
  • You have to use the /imagine command for creating images, upscaling images and generating image variations.

Why Is Midjourney Ending Its Free Trial?

Midjourney, an AI image generator, has suspended its free trials due to a surge in users creating ‘deep fakes’ and taking undue advantage of the offer.

Founder David Holz revealed that the decision was made in response to high-profile deepfakes and abuses of the system that were harming reputations and spreading misinformation.

Examples include altered images of Pope Francis and fake arrests of Donald Trump.

Holz also noted that the controversial images were generated using a paid version of Midjourney, suggesting that the suspension of free trials aims to protect profits and promote paid subscriptions.

What Happens After the Free Trial of Midjourney Ends

After the conclusion of the Midjourney free trial, users lose the ability to create new jobs on the platform.

However, they can still view other users’ creations on the Midjourney Discord server and the community website, as well as access images they generated during the free trial for download from their account page.

Once the free trial ends, prompts won’t be processed by Midjourney.

Regarding costs post-trial, the cheapest plan, the Basic Plan, is recommended, available at $10 a month, allowing generation of about 200 images per month.

Users can optimize this allocation further by scoring images on Discord, which includes their own generations and those by others.

How to Make the most of your Midjourney Free Trial

To get the most out of the Midjourney free trial, it is suggested to experiment with various prompts and seed values to generate a wide range of images and to learn from the experiences of other users on the Midjourney Discord server.

Although unlimited free generations are not available, Midjourney offers one free fast hour each day to the top 1,000 users who rate image quality, equating to about 60 image generations.

This perk, currently only for paid subscribers, effectively reduces the monthly Midjourney bill.

Spending 20-30 minutes rating images might be a worthy time investment, as a fast hour can also be bought for $4.

Users also gain insights about prompt structures and get inspired by rating others’ works.

While free use may not be permanent, this method can make Midjourney usage cost-effective.

Can I Still Use Midjourney for Free?

As of now, Midjourney is no longer free except during certain promotions.

It was originally launched in July 2022, offering 25 free image generations. Current plans range from $10 for basic access to $60 for the premium tier.

Reset or Bypass Midjourney Free Trial

Attempting to reset or bypass Midjourney’s free trial limit, typically by creating multiple Discord accounts with temporary emails and SMS numbers, is against the platform’s terms of service (TOS) and may lead to a permanent ban.

tos-midjourney-Reset or Bypass Midjourney Free Trial

Although users with multiple Discord accounts technically can reset the trial, it’s prohibited for a user to maintain more than one account.

Midjourney strictly monitors for such behavior and will ban accounts found to be violating these conditions.

Despite reports of users sharing ways to use Midjourney for free by creating multiple accounts, this practice is discouraged due to its violation of the platform’s terms.

Midjourney Subscription Plans

After exhausting the Midjourney free trial, users can subscribe to paid plans to continue usage.

These offer benefits like increased job limits and advanced features.

Image credit: Midjourney

The Basic plan at $10/month suits budget-conscious users, the Standard plan at $30/month is for frequent users, and the Pro plan at $60/month with additional features and higher image limit serves users needing extensive use.

These subscriptions provide continued access to Midjourney’s full feature range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Midjourney Free Trial

Q: Does Midjourney offer a free trial?

A: Yes, Midjourney provides a free trial for new users, permitting them to execute up to 25 jobs using the platform’s AI tools.

Q: What happens when the Midjourney free trial ends?

A: Once the free trial concludes, you can no longer process prompts with Midjourney. However, you can view images from other users on the Midjourney Discord and community website.

Q: What’s the capacity of the Midjourney free trial?

A: The free trial allows you to perform 25 jobs. Once this limit is reached, a subscription to a paid plan is necessary to continue using Midjourney.

Q: How can one optimize the Midjourney free trial?

A: Maximizing the trial involves experimenting with different prompts and seed values and learning from others on the Midjourney Discord server.

Q: Can you explain Midjourney’s subscription plans?

A: Midjourney provides several subscription plans after the free trial limit. These offer increased job limits and access to advanced features. The Basic plan is $10 per month, the Standard plan is $30 per month and the Pro plan, offering more extensive features, is $60 per month.

Q: Is there a cost to use Midjourney?

A: Yes, Midjourney has three paid plans: Basic ($10/month), Standard ($30/month) and Corporate ($60/month).

Q: Are there any restrictions with the Midjourney trial account?

A: Yes, the trial account restricts commercial use and certain advanced features. Additionally, free trial users must generate images in the general channels, not through direct messaging with the Midjourney bot.


We hope you found this article helpful.

This guide provided detailed information on the Midjourney free trial limit, its features, restrictions, and subscription plans, assisting users in making informed decisions about this AI tool.

Users are advised to fully utilize the free trial and explore Midjourney’s capabilities before opting for a subscription plan.

We share articles and guides on AI and how you can benefit from it in this website.


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