Midjourney Promo Code Information [2024]

As per our online research, there are currently no promo codes available for Midjourney subscriptions in 2024.

Despite checking multiple platforms including their official website, Discord and Twitter, no promotional codes or discount codes were found and the company has not offered any during its beta phase.

Nevertheless, customers can avail a 20% discount by opting for the annual subscription plan over the monthly plan.

Midjourney Promo Code Information

We will do continuous monitoring of their various platforms for any updates, especially during holiday seasons, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As no promo code is currently available, why not learn more about the free trial of Midjourney and how to efficiently use the paid subscription.

Midjourey Free Trial with No Promo Code

Midjourney gives its users a free trial plan that has a limit of 25 image generations.

The free trial is an excellent opportunity to test waters and experience its powerful generative AI image tools.

As said above currently there are no promo or discount codes for Midjourney’s paid subscriptions but a 20% discount can be availed by choosing an annual subscription.

This gives you the benefit of locking you into their current pricing and safeguarding you from potential future price increases due to the platform’s growing popularity and increasing demand.

Midjourney pricing Without Any Promo Code

The Midjourney’s Basic Plan that starts at $10/month allows approximately 200 image generations which equates to about 5 cents per image.

Given the high-quality outputs it gives it is a great value for users.


According to us, the Basic Plan can be sufficient to experiment with and generate AI images for various projects.

A major advantage of the paid plan is that it grants full commercial rights to the images.

In contrast, images from free trials only have non-commercial rights and require giving proper attribution and credit to Midjourney by linking to its website.

If you are undecided, a detailed cost analysis of Midjourney can help you in selecting the right plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Midjourney AI Promo Code

Does Midjourney have promo codes?

At this time, Midjourney doesn’t provide any promo codes to its customers. However, you can avail a 20% discount on a paid subscription by opting for their annual plan.

Does Midjourney Give Senior Discount?

No there is no discount for seniors. There is common 20% discount on a yearly plan.

Will Midjourney offer a promo code in the future?

We can’t confirm if they will offer promo codes in the future but we will keep a watch and will share this if it is done in coming days or months.

Does Midjourney Offer Discounts For Teachers?

Nope, no discount for teachers. The 20% discount on a yearly plan is available.

Does Midjourney offer a free trial?

The Midjourney free trial is temporarily suspended or on hold without a specific date for resumption. The free trial previously provided users with the ability to create 25 AI images.

Will Midjourney Be Offering Deals On Cyber Monday?

We don’t know as of today.

Will Midjourney Be Offering Deals On Black Friday?

We will continue monitory online resources for this. Any update with be shared in this article.

That’s all for promo code for Midjourney. I hope you found this information useful.

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