Quick Steps Guide to Using Midjourney AI Image Tool

If you are looking for a quick guide that will familiarize you about Midjourney, then rest assured that this guide will provide you will the all the information that you will require in quick time.

We will cover, what is Midjourney AI, tips and tricks for using it, example of creating an image, Midjourney AI commands and example prompts that you can use for generating images on Midjourney.

So let’s get started.

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney is an AI based image generation tool that enable users to create unique and creative images.


It’s currently accessible via a Discord bot where users can create images by interacting with the bot either by messaging it directly or inviting it to a third-party server.

Getting Started with Midjourney

Start by creating an account on Midjourney’s website and joining their Discord.

Locate a Newbies Channel on their official server or use the Midjourney Bot on other servers.

Use the /imagine command to interact with the bot and generate an image from a text description.

After choosing your image size, prompt and model, click “Generate”.

You can upscale or produce variations of your image.

Once satisfied, download your image in various formats.

You get around 25 free Jobs as a trial user but can subscribe for more.

Tips and Tricks for Using Midjourney

You should use familiar words in your phrase, get specific and combine descriptive adjectives.

For a particular art style always mention renowned artists or specific styles.

For precise outcomes you must include computer graphics techniques.

Profile on Midjourney

Your profile on Midjourney contains information related to your usage and subscription.


It includes subscription details (basic, standard, or pro plans), job mode (fast or relaxed), fast time remaining, relaxed usage, running jobs, and queued jobs.

Each image generated, upscaled, or modified is referred to as a ‘job’, and different job modes indicate the speed at which these jobs are completed.

Examples of Creating An Image

Creating an image involves inputting a series of prompts such as ‘amazing, sky, birds, mountains, snow’.

The Midjourney bot then processes these prompts to generate an image.

Options to upscale (U1-U4) or slightly modify (V1-V4) the image are available.

By clicking on V4 for instance four variations of the image are created.

If you’re not satisfied with a version, you can rerun the job for new variations.

Midjourney AI Commands

Midjourney AI has a variety of commands for creating and managing images.

These include /imagine (create an image from prompts), /help (get information about the bot), /info (get information about your usage), /subscribe (subscribe to the bot), /fast (speed up bot processing for a fee), /relax (extend the time for your task), /show (revive a job), /private (keep your job hidden from the public), and /public (make your job visible to everyone).

Example Prompts for Midjourney

  • “A dramatic desert scene with towering sand dunes and a setting sun, minimalism, 1:1”
  • “A peaceful zen garden with perfectly raked sand and stone lanterns, cubism, oil painting”
  • “A quiet, book-filled study with a crackling fireplace, noir, black and white”
  • “A steam-powered locomotive rushing through a wild west landscape, surrealism, panoramic”
  • “A sunny Mediterranean village with cobblestone streets and bougainvillea-covered walls.”
  • “A dark castle looming on a stormy cliff with lightning in the distance.”
  • “A classic Parisian café from the 1920s, with vintage posters and wicker chairs.”
  • “A fantastical underwater city lit by bio-luminescent creatures, alien architecture.”
  • “A lush, green jungle filled with exotic birds, towering trees, and hidden waterfalls.”
  • “A vibrant festival scene in a Latin American town, filled with colorful flags and dancers.”
  • “A snowy peak under a star-filled sky, Northern Lights dancing above, digital painting, 18:9”
  • “A modern office space with panoramic city views, contemporary art, 4K”
  • “A quaint English cottage with a blooming garden, watercolor, Victorian-era.”
  • “A busy spaceport on a distant alien planet, science fiction, mixed media”
  • “A rolling vineyard in Tuscany, with a stone farmhouse and cypress trees.”
  • “A gothic cathedral in the heart of an old European city, under a moonlit sky.”
  • “A 1960s mod-themed cocktail party with vibrant furniture and fashion-forward guests.”
  • “A dreamlike floating island with exotic plants, waterfalls, and mysterious ruins.”
  • “A deep-sea vent with bizarre creatures, glowing heat, and towering mineral formations.”
  • “A bustling bazaar in the Middle East with richly colored textiles and fragrant spices.””A post-apocalyptic cityscape with shattered skyscrapers and overgrown nature, dystopian, 21:9”
  • “A traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a minimalist room, Ukiyo-e style, ink painting”
  • “A serene lake house surrounded by autumn foliage, impressionist, 16:9”
  • “A cyberpunk cityscape at night filled with neon lights and towering skyscrapers, 3D.”
  • “A classic American drive-in movie theater on a summer evening.”
  • “A haunted manor house on a foggy moor, lit only by a dim lantern light.”
  • “A 1930s jazz club filled with musicians, flapper dancers, and smoke-filled air.”
  • “A mythical garden filled with blooming flowers, unicorns, and a rainbow-hued fountain.”
  • “A bustling wildlife scene in the African savannah, with lions, zebras, and elephants.”
  • “A lively carnival scene in Rio de Janeiro, samba dancers, and extravagant floats.”

I hope this quick guide helped you understand Midjourney.

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