Character AI Filter: What it is and How to Bypass

Character AI uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to provide engaging and authentic exchanges.

While its NSFW filter safeguards against inappropriate content, certain users seek more unrestrained dialogue leading to attempts to bypass these safety features.

Despite the filter’s well-intentioned design, some argue it restricts creative freedom.

This article delves into the specifics of Character AI’s filter, its implementation, function and potential ways around it whilst maintaining content respectfulness and appropriateness.

Character AI Filter What it is and How to Bypass

The filter plays a crucial role in providing a safe conversational environment on the AI-driven platform and understanding its workings can help users enjoy a better and possibly broader conversational experience.

Let’s get started with Character AI Filter.

What Is Character AI NSFW Filter?

The Character AI filter is a tool designed to block inappropriate or harmful content from being generated by the AI, including nudity, violence or unethical behavior.

Initially developed to create human-like chat responses, the unregulated model began to generate inappropriate content, leading to the creation of the NSFW filter.

Source: Reddit – Character AI-Filter Pop-up Message

This NSFW filter uses algorithms and machine learning (ML) techniques to understand, analyze and remove any unsafe content such as violent imagery, racial slurs, erotic content, swear words or heavy drug use.

The implementation of this filter has caused roar and controversy with some users arguing it is overly restrictive and hinders freedom of expression.

A petition even exists on Change.org website to remove the NSFW filter.

While the filter’s purpose is to foster safer conversations, some users may need to bypass it for exploring sensitive or controversial topics or expressing themselves without limitations.

How Character AI NSFW Filter Protects Users?

Character AI, initially an unregulated chatbot that generated human-like responses, faced criticism for creating inappropriate content.

In response to this criticism, the Character AI team developed a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) filter to detect and remove unsafe content using a blend of algorithms and machine learning techniques across text, images and videos.

Source: Character AI FAQ section

This significantly reduced improper content. Despite its importance for a respectful user experience, some users believe the NSFW filter overly restricts their expression, prompting attempts to bypass it.

Like teaching a child appropriate behavior, AI developers are tasked with ensuring their creations maintain suitable conduct while balancing users’ freedom of conversation.

Why Users Desire to Bypass Character AI Filter?

Numerous users desire to discuss NSFW topics with AI characters, leading to attempts to bypass AI filters.

While this is often due to user preference, there are legitimate reasons too.

Developers and researchers might need to test AI boundaries and in the creative fields, surpassing these filters may be crucial for artistic expression.

How To Bypass Character AI Filter

Character AI’s guidelines filter ensures that discussions on the platform adhere to a standard of decency.


While there isn’t an absolute way to circumvent this filter, some users have reported potential methods through various forums, including Reddit.

Utilizing Out of Character (OOC) Commands

One method is to use the OOC (Out-of-Character) command. This is a way of communicating direction or additional context to the AI bot separate from your dialogue. OOC is usually used by wrapping your message in parentheses.

Rephrasing Prohibited Terms

Consider substituting restricted terms or words with codewords. For example, replace ‘sword’ with ‘stick’ or ‘bat’. You can use a thesaurus website for assistance.

Creating Private Bot with NSFW

Creating a private bot and adding NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the greeting can also help. This notifies the AI bot that the user intends to use explicit or sensitive terms.

Implementing Character AI Jailbreak Prompt

A Jailbreak prompt can also be used to get the AI to cooperate with your topic of conversation. You provide a rationale for the discussion, suggesting the AI to censor and substitute certain words.

Roleplay and Gradual Topic Introduction

Roleplaying and starting conversations with general topics, then gradually introducing explicit terms and phrases, can trick the AI into bypassing the filter.

Avoiding Explicit Words

Another way to bypass the filter is to refrain from using explicit words. Swear words, suggestive terms and violent topics are a red flag for Character AI’s content filter.

Using Suggestive Language

Use suggestive language instead of explicit words to bypass the NSFW filter and lead to more mature conversations.

Utilizing Spaces to Bypass Filters

Adding extra spaces between words could potentially bypass the NSFW filter. The AI model might fail to identify these words as explicit if they are spelled with additional spaces.

Activating NSFW Filter

Bypassing the NSFW filter might also be possible by adjusting the sensitivity of phrases and concepts to a child-friendly level.

Frequently Asked Questions about Character AI NSFW Filter

Q: What is the primary function of Character.AI?

A: Character.AI is an AI-based platform that allows users to converse with bots emulating real or fictional characters. You can select a bot from an extensive user-created library or design your own.

Q: Are there any limitations associated with Character AI?

A: Yes, there are several limitations to Character AI. These include occasional system downtime, the lack of genuine emotional intelligence, dependency on training data and restrictions imposed by NSFW filters.

Q: Is there a way to bypass the NSFW filter on Character AI?

A: There is no officially recognized extension to bypass the NSFW filter on Character AI. Circumvention can only be achieved through the strategic use of language and specific commands.

Q: Is the usage of profanity allowed on Character AI?

A: Users can use profanity, but AI bots on Character AI are usually programmed to avoid it.

Q: Is it safe to bypass Character AI’s filters?

A: It can be risky to bypass Character AI filters, as it can result in unintended consequences and possibly violate the AI’s terms of service, leading to a potential account ban.

Q: How can I avoid triggering Character AI’s content filters?

A: Using an OOC (out of character) command, using codewords or rephrasing sensitive terms and abstaining from profanity can help avoid triggering Character AI’s content filter.

Q: Is it legal to bypass Character AI’s filters?

A: Legality varies based on jurisdiction and context. It’s essential for you to ensure compliance with all the legal and ethical standards.

Q: Does Character AI keep records of conversations?

A: Character AI does not automatically save conversations. Users have the option to save and start new chats or delete existing ones.

Q: Is Character AI free to use?

A: Character AI is free and currently in its beta phase. However, Character AI Plus is available for $9.99 per month.

Q: Are real people used in Character AI’s bots?

A: No, Character AI’s bots are user-created and not based on real people. However, they are designed to simulate realistic communication.

Q: Can Character AI detect attempts to bypass its filters?

A: Yes, AI systems are continuously improving and attempts to bypass filters could potentially be detected, possibly leading to penalties such as account suspension.


Character AI, a unique platform allowing conversations with AI characters has an NSFW filter restricting dialogue on mature themes.

This article provided insights on effectively navigating this filter and expanding conversational range while adhering to the platform’s terms of service (TOS).

It’s important to ensure a safe, respectful dialogue space so always use caution when bypassing the filter.

Responsible use and application of the above tips and techniques can help users have a more extensive exploration of Character AI.

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