What is FreedomGPT and How Does it Work

You might have heard about ChatGPT but must be wondering what FreedomGPT is.

FreedomGPT is an AI language model launched by AI Capital LLC.

Unlike other GPTs, FreedomGPT guarantees complete privacy and is free from censorship.

This chatbot’s core feature makes it an excellent choice for users who want to experiment with conversational AI without fear of having their material reported or removed.

What is FreedomGPT How Does it Work

Let’s know more about this fantastic Ai tool.

How does FreedomGPT work?

GPT-2, a smaller and older version of GPT-3, serves as the foundation for FreedomGPT. 

FreedomGPT, like ChatGPT, allows users to choose an open-source model and provides an easy chat-based interface and is a desktop program that you may download on Windows or MAC.

When you prompt it, your input is routed through your selected model and returned as an AI response. You can ask it anything as long as it is contextually self-contained.

The app leverages React and Electron to provide a user-friendly interface that runs the FreedomGPT LLM (Large Language Model) on your system offline and anonymously.

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Benefits of FreedomGPT

The main benefits of FreedomGPT which make it unique from other GPTs are:-

  • It provides a censorship-free experience.
  • It is private and secure.
  • It can respond if you give it a prompt. For say, you may give it the start of a short story and it will finish it for you.
  • You can run it locally on both Windows and MACs.
  • FreedomGPT’s makers have revealed intentions to provide an open-source version of the AI, which will allow people and businesses to fully customize it for certain high-stakes and secret procedures. 
  • It provides answers to sensitive topics.
  • It is free to use by anyone.
  • It can run without an internet connection.
  • It can help in the translation of a language from one to another.
  • It can help in the summarization of a long paragraph.

How to download/install FreedomGPT?

If you want to download FreedomGPT and check it yourself then there are two methods of downloading it.

Method 1

Follow these steps:-

Source: FreedomGPT
  1. Go to freedomgpt.com.
  2. And Download/Install the app for your Windows or Mac. (If you have an Intel Mac, you could join the queue for the Intel Mac version.)
  3. After installing the app, you must first obtain the open-source model that you intend to employ. (You may select from a variety of models that range in size and performance. The larger the model, the better it will function but it will take up more space on the device and take longer to download.)
  4. Once it’s done, you can type anything you want in the input box and press enter for the AI response.
  5. If you like, you can use voice input and output.

Method 2

Follow these steps for downloading FreedomGPT in another way:-

  1. Search FreedomGPT GitHub on your browser.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click the green option code.
  3. Then click Download Zip to open a zipped file.
  4. Then, from the folder, extract the zip files.
  5. Copy the “yarn install” command as well.
  6. Then execute it from the command prompt.
  7. Finally, transmit the yarn start: prod command to start the application.
  8. Following these instructions, you will be able to download and run FreedomGPT efficiently.

Is FreedomGPT safe?

Freedom GPT may create dangerous or false content because of a lack of content filtering. As a result, it is not regarded safe for usage. Furthermore, when using Freedom GPT, users must practice prudence and safety.

Otherwise, it’s safe in terms of privacy by asking anything.

Limitations of FreedomGPT

Everything has two sides, just like a coin. And it too has, it has drawbacks with its exclusive features and that are the following:

  • It may provide biased, unsensed, offensive and false text.
  • It may need to recall what was stated previously or alter the topic at random. Avoid long or complex debates by keeping your inquiries self-contained in context.
  • It is not applicable to code generation.
  • It is not helpful for students and teachers, as it cannot solve complex queries.
  • It is unable to get back to you at the time of occurrence, resulting in the device’s poor performance.
  • It keeps buffering and buffering in order to display the responses to your query.

Difference between FreedomGPT and ChatGPT

CensorshipIt is entirely censorship-free.ChatGPT may include content filters and control systems.
Internet connectivityIt doesn’t need internet connectivity or rely on a third-party server.It needs internet connectivity or relies on a third-party server.
CustomizationIt allows more customization or personalization as compared to ChatGPT.It doesn’t allow sufficient customization.
Accessible deviceOn Windows or MACsOn Windows or MACs or mobile phones

What are the alternatives to FreedomGPT?

There are a few alternatives of FreedomGPT, which can be used by you:-

  • Marve Chat
  • Jasper Chat
  • DialoGPT
  • Socratic
  • OpenAI playground
  • Chatsonic
  • And many more.

Frequently Asked Questions about FreedomGPT

Q: Is the Freedom GPT app safe to use?

A: Yes, FreedomGPT ensures the privacy and security of all interactions with the AI chatbot, hence it’s considered safe for users.

Q: What technology is Freedom GPT built on?

A: Freedom GPT is built on Alpaca and LLaMA open-source models.

Q: How does FreedomGPT compare to ChatGPT?

A: FreedomGPT and ChatGPT are both competent AI chatbots. However, FreedomGPT is oriented towards freedom of expression and privacy, whereas ChatGPT focuses on safety and flexibility for various Natural Language Processing tasks.

Q: Could you explain the working of FreedomGPT?

A: FreedomGPT operates in a censorship-free manner, ensuring that user interactions are kept private and secure. Users can ask anything without concerns about content moderation.

Q: How can I use Freedom GPT?

A: You can use Freedom GPT by downloading its desktop application from the official website. It works offline, enabling users to leverage the AI language model across different applications such as content creation and customer service.

Q: What does GPT signify?

A: GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer, a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on language processing tasks.

Q: Is Freedom GPT an open-source platform?

A: FreedomGPT is a combination of open and closed-source Meta AI LLM. It uses a parameter from the 7B model to calibrate Llama.

FreedomGPT is an exciting platform. One should give it a shot to try and experience the new AI model. Try FreedomGPT today and transform your conversations.

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