Can ChatGPT Create AI Images?

Chat GPT, an AI language model by OpenAI, is adept at generating text responses but lacks the ability to create images directly.

However, its skill at formulating detailed descriptions can be leveraged for image generation using text-to-image synthesis.

This process involves a model receiving a text input from ChatGPT, interpreting the underlying themes and generating image pixels accordingly.

Although ChatGPT cannot perform pixel generation due to its text-based nature, it can assist in generating art indirectly.

Can ChatGPT Create AI Images

This can be achieved through other AI models like Stable Diffusion, which is a text-to-image diffusion model.

The remarkable advancements in AI technology enable creative tasks like AI-generated images, music and art even if Chat GPT isn’t directly capable of producing them.

Can ChatGPT Create Images?

As of June 2023, ChatGPT, a text-generation model, cannot directly generate images.

However, it can be used to provide detailed prompts for image-generation AI systems like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney or Bing Image Creator.

These platforms can then translate ChatGPT’s text into visual outputs. While ChatGPT itself cannot generate images, future enhancements such as GPT-4 may offer multi-modal capabilities, including image generation.

Until then, ChatGPT remains a powerful tool in the AI ecosystem, able to influence image creation indirectly through its descriptive language generation ability.

How to Get AI-Generated Images

AI image generation is an emerging area in technology with various applications.

One can utilize ChatGPT, an AI language model, in two main ways for generating AI images: Using it as a prompt generator for your preferred AI image generator and using OpenAI’s DALL-E.

Using ChatGPT as a Prompt Generator

AI image generation tools such as Midjourney and Bing Image Creator require a text prompt to render a corresponding image.

ChatGPT can be leveraged as a prompt generator in this process. You simply need to ask ChatGPT to generate a description of the image you envisage.

This model has been trained on diverse and extensive data, allowing it to generate diverse prompts, which can potentially lead to the generation of creative and novel images.

Using OpenAI’s DALL-E

DALL-E is another powerful AI model created by OpenAI, acting as a sibling to ChatGPT.


While ChatGPT excels at text generation, DALL-E specializes in creating AI images from textual descriptions.

It operates in a similar manner to ChatGPT; you supply a textual prompt and DALL-E creates an image matching that description.

OpenAI provides free access to DALL-E through their website. If you require assistance in refining your prompts for DALL-E, you can employ ChatGPT.

By using ChatGPT to generate different variations of your initial prompt, you can explore a wider range of possible images, increasing the chances of obtaining a satisfactory result.

Through these methods, you can harness the combined power of ChatGPT and DALL-E to achieve remarkable results in AI image generation.

Can ChatGPT in Future Will Create Images Directly?

ChatGPT, as of now, doesn’t have the ability to directly generate images and it doesn’t appear this feature will be integrated in the near future.

A clear indicator of this is the creation of DALL-E, a separate model developed by OpenAI specifically for image generation.

It’s evident that OpenAI envisions distinct roles for these models.

For the time being, it’s best to utilize ChatGPT for its excellent text generation capabilities and rely on other models like DALL-E when you need to generate images.

Therefore, while interconnected, these two powerful models serve unique functions in the AI landscape.

Can You Use Images for ChatGPT Prompts?

No, you cannot use an image as a prompt for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT lacks internet connectivity and hence, has no capability to access images.

It can, however, interact with the internet using plugins, but this is limited.

You may paste a URL into ChatGPT and it may feign the ability to see the URL, similar to how it can simulate setting reminders, but in reality, ChatGPT can’t access it.

It might seem as though ChatGPT can view images or web resources, but it is likely extrapolating based on the structure of the URL.

As an example, if you queried ChatGPT about an image at, ChatGPT might respond, “That’s a red sports car” – purely from the textual information provided in the URL.

How to Use ChatGPT To Create AI Art Prompts

To generate images from text using AI, begin by providing a detailed prompt to Chat GPT.

Engage with it until a satisfactory text description is produced.

Choose an image generator tool like Midjourney, Photosonic or Stable Diffusion and input the generated text following the tool’s guidelines.

The tool will process this text using algorithms and deep learning models to create an image matching your description.

After the image generation, you can download and use the image as desired.

In this way, Chat GPT’s text-generation capabilities and image generator tools combine to create visual content from textual descriptions, a groundbreaking synthesis of natural language processing and computer vision.

Alternative Image Generators to ChatGPT

Some of the best alternative image generators are:

Photosonic: An AI art generator with image creation and modification features, transforming text prompts into visuals.

Deep Dream Generator: Allows users to upload images or provide text prompts for generating stylized visuals. Offers image generation from text prompts with an intuitive user experience and customization options.

Jasper Art: Converts text prompts or descriptions into images using AI.

RunwayML: A comprehensive AI platform supporting various models and techniques for text-to-image synthesis.

AI Dungeon: A text-based game with image generation capabilities based on player actions and choices.

Midjourney: An independent AI art generator that turns text prompts into images, open for public use.

ArtBreeder: Combines AI and human creativity to blend and evolve images based on text descriptions. Uses deep learning algorithms for generating custom-styled images based on text descriptions.

GANPaint Studio: Utilizes Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for generating images and allows interactive image editing.

Night cafe: Offers a broad range of features, distinguishing it from competitors.

DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion): An open-source AI image generator known for its flexibility, customization options, and quick, high-quality image generation.

DALL-E 2: Known for generating high-quality images from various text prompts. No longer free.

Starryai: A free (limited to 5 images per day) text-to-picture AI image generator with extensive style options and paid subscription for more usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ChatGPT Image Creation

Can ChatGPT draw pictures?

No, ChatGPT cannot generate images or draw pictures. It is primarily designed for text output. However, OpenAI has an AI model named DALL-E2 that can produce art.

Can ChatGPT create images with AI?

No, ChatGPT is a language-based AI and doesn’t possess the capability to create images. Other services like DALL-E2 can create images using AI.

Who developed ChatGPT?

It is developed by OpenAI.

Can GPT-4 generate images?

No, ChatGPT cannot generate images from text by itself, but it can provide images through interoperability with Stable Diffusion.

Can ChatGPT create images from text?

While ChatGPT can’t create visual art, it can aid in generating art prompts and ideas. It has also been used to generate poetry and song lyrics, contributing to art in a broader sense.

Can ChatGPT make art?

No, GPT-4 cannot generate images. It can, however, analyze images and extract information from them, unlike its predecessor, GPT-3.5.

What are the best AI image generators?

Some of the best AI image generators are: Midjourney, Bing Image Creator, Stable Diffusion, ArtBreeder etc.

Who is the CEO of OpenAI?

Sam Altman

I hope this information was helpful for you to understand that we currently are not able to create images using ChatGPT but we can use it as a image prompt generator.

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