How to Use ChatGPT Without a Phone Number

As an AI language model, ChatGPT has been gaining popularity for its sophisticated conversational capabilities.

However, its phone number verification requirement upon sign-up has raised some concerns for those wishing to maintain their privacy.

If you are interested in using ChatGPT but reluctant to share your personal phone number, you are not alone.

How to Use ChatGPT Without a Phone Number

In this article, we address your concerns by presenting various alternative methods for ChatGPT sign-up that can preserve your privacy.

Why does ChatGPT want my phone number?

OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, requires a phone number for account creation to verify users’ authenticity and bolster security.

This method prevents bots, fake accounts and spammers from creating multiple accounts, ensuring a safer user environment and better server functionality.

OpenAI cannot accept landline or VoIP numbers from services like Google Voice, which means a valid mobile number is mandatory.

The company also uses the phone number to ascertain the user’s geographical location for availability purposes.

This additional layer of security is akin to two-factor authentication (2FA) and deters unauthorized access.

OpenAI assures users that their phone numbers will not be used for other purposes and encourages reviewing their terms and conditions.

Why you need to use a private number to use ChatGPT?

Using a private number to register on ChatGPT ensures user anonymity and security, particularly as the platform is still undergoing research and feedback collection.

Private numbers do not require personal information, mitigating data leak risks and potential misuse by fraudsters in case of a hack.

These numbers are verified by ChatGPT, providing seamless usage.

This approach quells concerns about personal data use by ChatGPT and serves as a precaution given doubts about the platform’s security.

How to Use ChatGPT Without a Phone Number

You can try the following methods:

Joining the Reddit ChatGPT Discord Channel

Users can join the publicly available Discord server maintained by the /r/ChatGPT subreddit community to use ChatGPT without phone number verification.

WhatsApp Verification

In certain countries, WhatsApp can be used for ChatGPT account verification. When signing up, users select their country from the dropdown menu and if it’s a WhatsApp-supported country, they can opt for verification via WhatsApp.

Using Bing’s ChatGPT

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, offers its version of ChatGPT that doesn’t require phone verification. Users need a Microsoft account, which can be registered using VoIP phone numbers, like Google Voice.

Temporary Phone Number

Creating a new ChatGPT account with a temporary phone number can be risky but is an option. Websites like offer temporary mobile numbers. These numbers, along with a disposable email address, can be used to register on the OpenAI website.

Using a Friend’s Phone Number

Friends’ phone numbers can be used to verify ChatGPT accounts. Each number can verify up to 2 accounts. However, as this allows the friend potential access to your account, it’s recommended to only use this method with trusted individuals.

Virtual Phone Number or Disposable Email Address

Virtual phone numbers and disposable email addresses, provided by numerous websites and applications, can be used to sign up for ChatGPT without revealing actual contact details. However, safety concerns exist with this method.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives with No Phone Verification

Some of the best Alternatives are given below:

Google Bard

Google Bard operates on their proprietary LaMDA language model. Although it lacks capabilities such as coding assistance, it provides a great introductory experience to AI chatbots without phone number requirement. You just need a Google account to start.

A chatbot offering a novel experience, lets you converse with AI versions of famous personalities, such as Billy Eilish, Sigmund Freud and Elon Musk. It also allows creation of your own character for interactive chats. The best part is the absence of any personal information requirement.


A free AI chatbot, Perplexity utilizes OpenAI’s language model. It offers unique features such as citing sources for its answers, which can be especially helpful for academic writing. No account creation is required.


A Google search engine alternative, Neeva features its own AI chatbot. You need to provide an email address for sign up, but can then ask the chatbot similar questions to what you would ask ChatGPT. No phone verification is required.

Colossal AI

Based on Meta’s LLaMA model, Colossal AI learns from your conversations, providing an interactive chatting experience without the need for account creation or providing any personal information.


Operating on the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, ChatSonic is a powerful AI chatbot. It offers free versions which allow users to generate up to 10,000 words using GPT-3.5 or 5,000 words using GPT-4.

Does ChatGPT support Internet numbers or VoIPs for registration?

ChatGPT does not officially accept internet or VoIP numbers for account registration, as it fails to verify such numbers, causing the registration to be incomplete.

However, an unofficial workaround involves generating a VoIP number from a third-party website and using it to sign up on ChatGPT.

The steps include visiting the ChatGPT login page, generating a VoIP number, providing it alongside your email on the registration page and entering the received OTP.

This process successfully creates a new ChatGPT account, despite the platform’s restrictions.

Why is ChatGPT phone number verification not working?

ChatGPT phone verification may stall due to various reasons, including server, internet, or phone number issues.

Addressing this can involve several steps. Consider changing your phone number if your service provider is causing hindrance.

Ensure you’ve entered the correct phone number and country code. If SMS service is unavailable, verify via WhatsApp.

Ensure robust internet connectivity or wait until service is restored before attempting again.

Clear your browser’s cache data to potentially resolve the issue. Instructions include: accessing browser settings, selecting ‘Privacy and Security’, choosing ‘Clear Browsing Data’, setting your preferred time range, selecting items to delete and confirming the action.

If all these methods don’t solve the problem then seek assistance from the ChatGPT support team.

Risks of Using Temporary Phone Numbers or Email Addresses

Utilizing virtual phone numbers or disposable emails can have associated risks.

Privacy concerns arise as these third-party services may misuse your information.

There’s a security threat too as hackers and fraudsters often exploit these services.

Verification issues may also occur, as many platforms may not accept these temporary solutions for account creation or access.

Reliability issues can also occur, as these services may have limited functionality or fail to deliver messages.

Legal implications may arise for misuse of these temporary contact details.

Specifically for ChatGPT, if a registered private number is compromised, recovery becomes difficult and account suspension is possible in case of security checks, thereby making it difficult for ChatGPT to confirm account ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ChatGPT use without Phone Number

Q: Is it possible to remove my number from ChatGPT?

A: No, OpenAI does not allow users to unlink or change their phone numbers post account creation. However, you may request a solution from ChatGPT’s customer support for number changes.

Q: What is the process to purchase a virtual number for ChatGPT?

A: To obtain a virtual number, find a reliable VoIP provider, register and log into the dashboard, select your country and number, and finalize the payment. This number can be used to sign up for ChatGPT.

Q: How do I create an OpenAI account from unsupported countries?

A: A VPN can be utilized to create an OpenAI account from unsupported countries. After connecting, navigate to the OpenAI website and follow the registration instructions.

Q: Why does ChatGPT require my phone number?

A: ChatGPT uses your phone number for account verification and security measures, including the prevention of false accounts and bot spam that could overload the server.

Q: Is ChatGPT a free service?

A: Yes, ChatGPT is free to the public, currently in a research and feedback collection phase. There is also a premium version, ChatGPT Plus, available for $20 monthly.

Q: Can I create an OpenAI account without revealing my phone number?

A: Yes, you can create an OpenAI account using alternative methods like virtual numbers, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Slack.

Q: How to skip mobile verification in ChatGPT?

A: In certain countries, you can use WhatsApp for verification instead of a phone number. Alternatively, Bing Chat, Snapchat, or Discord allows usage of ChatGPT without signing up. ChatGPT alternatives like Bard or Perplexity also exist without phone verification requirements.

Q: Why does ChatGPT need my phone number and birthday?

A: OpenAI requests these details for verification purposes and to ensure platform security, preventing potential misuse and confirming the legitimacy of users.


Using ChatGPT without a phone number is achievable via alternatives such as virtual numbers, disposable emails, Bing’s ChatGPT, WhatsApp verification, or using similar services like Bard.

However, the risks of privacy, security, verification, reliability and legality should be considered.

These alternatives should be carefully evaluated and used at your own risk.

That’s it for this article. You can read other articles on the topic of ChatGPT below.

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