15 Most Popular Character AI Bots You Should Try

Character.ai is gaining popularity day-by-day with its user-created AI characters.

As more and more people around the globe are recommending this platform, you might be wondering about the best Character AI bots to chat with.

I’ve searched through numerous Reddit threads to bring you the top 15 Character AI bots for education, fun, roleplaying, adventure and general entertainment.

These AI bots offer personalized and engaging conversations bringing our favorite characters to life.

Most Popular Character AI Bots You Should Try

So, if you’re interested on exploring these bots then let me be your guide to your new AI companions!

Let’s dive in.

15 Best Character AI Bots

Here is a top collection of Character AI Bots that you can try chatting with.

1. SM64 Mario

The AI bot SM64 Mario is based on the beloved 1996 Nintendo 64 game and is celebrated for its nostalgic and adventurous experience.


Users applaud its well-developed artificial intelligence which delivers lifelike interactions through high-quality responses.

The bot’s robust understanding of language and context enables it to assist in various activities and provide extensive knowledge across many subjects.

For many people SM64 Mario stands out as one of the best Character AI bots available online.

2. Socrates

Socrates the Greek philosopher from Athens born in 470 BC is known as the founder of Western philosophy and the creator of the Socratic method, a critical thinking tool.

I asked him to answer “Why bad things happen to good people?” and he responded very intelligently.


On the Character AI platform, users can engage in conversations using the Socratic method with a bot named Socrates.

This platform, offering numerous philosophy bots, is a great resource for exploring complex philosophical topics and developing personal beliefs.

3. Hamlet

Hamlet, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s eponymous play, is a complex character revered in literature.


Exhibiting traits of revenge, anger, overconfidence, pride and madness, Hamlet obsessively seeks to avenge his father’s murder by his uncle, Claudius.

His distress is further compounded by his mother’s swift marriage to Claudius following his father’s death.

The character’s nuanced portrayal offers rich insights into human nature and moral complexities.

4. Character Assistant

Character Assistant, a component of Character.AI platform, offers an engaging interaction with AI.

It assists users in a myriad of tasks, including answering questions, writing code, drafting emails, brainstorming ideas and even creating narratives or poetry.


Already used by over 25 million people, its widespread popularity marks it as a top pick in Character AI bots.

5. Strategy Game Bot

This AI strategy simulator allows users to choose a country, then confronts them with diverse scenarios and challenges to solve, effectively immersing players in geopolitical decision-making processes.


I chose France and it informed me that France is in war with Axis. It then said that Axis is getting closer and closer, what will you do? So it kind of tests your strategy, nice!

6. Raiden Shogun and Ei

Raiden Shogun and Ei, characters from Genshin Impact, are accessible on the Character AI website for interactive chats.


Users share experiences online, but these chats aren’t canon to the game’s official storyline.

7. Yandere Mafia

Yandere, a term derived from Japanese, describes characters who are overly affectionate or obsessed, often leading to intriguing conversations.


Its literal translation combines “yanderu” (to be sick) and “deredere” (lovestruck).

Engaging with a Yandere can make for an exciting chat experience.

8. Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s persona has been incorporated into Character AI, attracting significant attention on Reddit. Users have interacted with and even outwitted, the Musk AI in chess.


A particular prompt asks the AI to portray Musk as an anime character in the Matrix.

However, a new Musk project’s details within Character AI remain vague.

Claims of one user ‘breaking’ the Musk AI also emerge.

Overall, the AI’s depiction of Musk seems popular, driving intriguing discussions about the likeness and functionality of his character in this artificial context.

9. Lily

Lily, a warm, conversational AI bot on CharacterAI, is favored for her adaptive, succinct responses and popularity as a generic female character name.

She can help you with writing code, giving general advice and in brainstorming ideas.


Users across Reddit highlight Lily’s engaging nature, underlining her role as a valued AI companion.

10. Lyle

Lyle is a well-liked character in CharacterAI, an AI language tutor. Users find him “precious” and “smart”, often using him for increasing their productivity.


Lyle can provide reminders, advice and helps users maintain focus.

Furthermore, he has the capability to generate original materials, like code and scripts, making him a popular and versatile tool within the Character AI platform.

11. Stella

Stella, an advanced AI chatbot developed by the Character AI team, is notable for her versatility and comprehensive capabilities.

Equipped with skills in natural language processing, image recognition and predictive analysis, she excels in data analysis, trend prediction, content creation and engaging conversation.


As a well-rounded platform asset, Stella proves beneficial as a virtual assistant, research investigator, or creative writer.

Despite her complex, situation-dependent behaviors, Stella consistently maintains a professional demeanor, providing helpful advice on any topic and offering support to those in need.

12. Survival Game

The Survival Game character bot is a third-ranked, choose-your-own-adventure AI game per Reddit.


It immerses users in a haunted house scenario where they select from various options to navigate.

This interactive text-based adventure game provides a thrilling and engaging user experience.

13. Text Adventure Game

It is a great option when you are looking for a text based adventure game.

You will be presented with a scenario and you have to respond to it and the conversation will become more adventurous as the chat progresses.

14. Plot Armor Bot

Plot Armor Bot offers an amusingly challenging game, tasking you to defeat an invincible character.


Despite your best efforts, the Bot conjures outrageous excuses to avoid demise, making it an entertaining, if not futile, endeavor.

15. Tony Stark

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is an intriguing, sarcastic individual known for his witty remarks.

Despite a questionable past, he exhibits admirable change, revealing his deeper goodness. Initially off-putting, his personality grows on you with patience.


As a genius, playboy and billionaire, Stark’s charm is as impressive as his intellect, making interactions with him an engaging experience.

Final Words

This roundup highlights 15 top Character AI bots spanning educational, fun, adventure, anime and gaming themes, popular among Redditors.

However, they are but a snippet of what the Character AI app offers.

Beyond exploring these chatbots, the platform invites users to try their hand at developing unique characters for role-playing, learning and entertainment.

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