Character AI Plus: Membership, Features and Price [2024]

Character AI is a unique AI chatbot that lets users interact with pop culture, comics and movie characters and has now introduced a paid subscription tier named Character AI Plus or c.ai+.

It is priced at $9.99 per month and offers priority access, eliminating the need for the waiting room, faster response times, early access to new features and exclusive access to a Plus member community.

Although the base service remains free, this upgrade plan offers added benefits to enhance user experience.

It is perfect for daily users and this new subscription service is aimed to provide an enriched version of Character AI.

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The subscription’s value and worth are explored in detail in this post allowing users to make an informed decision about investing in c.ai+.

Let’s get started with this article.

What Is Character AI Plus?

Character AI Plus is a premium membership tier enhancing the free version of the Character AI chatbot.

Character AI Plus

It’s designed for users seeking a superior experience and costs $9.99 per month or $120 per annum.

Premium users enjoy priority access to Character AI’s servers, ensuring no waiting time. They also benefit from faster character response times, boosting productivity.


Subscribers get early access to new features, keeping them a step ahead.

Membership also unlocks access to an exclusive Plus community, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Lastly, users receive a c.ai+ supporter badge as a symbol of their premium status.

In summary, Character AI Plus serves those wanting more efficiency, exclusivity and advantages in their AI interaction.

This bot can be a handy tool in various fields like education, entertainment and customer service.

What Does Character AI Plus Do?

Character AI Plus offers advanced features for an immersive AI chatbot experience.

Its superior capabilities over the free version include enhanced emotional intelligence and complex behavior for more realistic interactions.

A unique personality modeling system allows definition of traits such as extroversion and agreeableness, giving depth to AI personas.

It leverages “deep learning” technology for training algorithms, enabling AI Characters to refine their responses continually.

The AI also adapts to user interactions, creating a personalized experience.

How to Sign Up for Character.AI Plus?

Signing up for Character AI Plus is an easy process.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Visit the Character AI website.
  • Locate the “Upgrade to Plus” button on the main page or menu.
  • Click the button to go to the subscription page.
  • Choose your desired subscription plan (monthly/yearly).
  • Provide your payment details as prompted.
  • Submit the information to finalize your Character AI Plus subscription.

Character AI Plus Cost

Character AI Plus, also known as c.ai+, is a paid subscription service launched in May 2023.

The membership plan is priced at $9.99 per month which amounts to $120 annually.

Character AI Plus Cost

However, the company did not specify any discounted rates for an annual payment option, a standard practice among many subscription-based apps.

The absence of such an option could influence potential subscribers’ decisions.

Is Character AI Plus worth it?

Character AI Plus doesn’t resolve all technical issues and community concerns like the NSFW filter.

While its features are beneficial, they’re not essential and their worth is subjective.

Users, especially those on Reddit find its premium features lackluster and not quite useful.

Thus, its value depends on how frequently and for what purpose you use Character AI.

If you’re a daily user or use it for work, it might be worth considering. However, occasional users might not need it.

Character AI Plus Features

Here are some of the features of Character AI Plus:

Elimination of Wait Times

With a Character AI Plus subscription, users get priority access to the servers.

This results in faster load times, eliminating waiting in queues even during peak hours, providing seamless use of Character AI.

Exclusive Preview of New Features

Plus members gain exclusive access to upcoming features before the general public.

This unique privilege provides an early user experience and testing opportunity for new features.

Enhanced Response Times

Character AI Plus offers improved response times, significantly reducing waiting periods.

Subscribers can thus rapidly access their characters, an advantage for users requiring swift AI assistance, like those engaged in creative writing or time-sensitive tasks.

Exclusive Access to Plus Member Community

The Plus subscription offers access to a private forum, enabling Plus members to engage with each other and Character AI experts.

This community interaction can enhance the user experience and knowledge about the AI.

Supporter Badge

Plus subscribers receive a unique badge on the Character AI platform, highlighting their commitment and active participation in the Character AI community.

Priority Access

Plus members enjoy instantaneous access to Character AI’s servers, even during high traffic periods, ensuring no delays in utilizing the AI’s services.

User Responses To Character AI Plus

Despite assurances of a free option and the appeal of certain features, like enhanced AI behavior and an exclusive forum, user opinions remain divided.

Some express concerns about bug fixes and limitations, while others appreciate the upgraded capabilities.

As it stands, the reception of Character AI Plus, particularly its pricing model, has generated mixed to negative responses within the user community.

What is C.AI+ Labs?

C.AI+ Labs is a new section in the Character AI mobile app, launched in June 2023. It provides plus members with early access to new features such as chat color customization.

Future features might include improved rooms, advanced character editors and an extended character memory.

Source: Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Character AI Plus

Q: How does Character.AI Plus address the issue of personality drift or content filters?

A: Character AI Plus does not currently address the issue of personality drift or inappropriate responses from AI characters.

Q: Are there any additional perks for Character AI Plus subscribers beyond faster response times?

A: Yes, Character AI Plus subscribers enjoy exclusive previews of upcoming features and access to a private community forum for collaboration and idea exchange, in addition to faster response times and priority server access.

Q: What are the benefits of Character AI Plus?

A: The benefits include creating and customizing your own AI characters, using these characters to perform tasks and gaining access to advanced features for writers like generating plot ideas, character traits and full stories.

Q: How does Character AI Plus compare to other premium AI chatbot services in the market?

A: Character AI Plus offers unique features like faster response times and priority server access, providing a rich interaction with your favorite characters. It also offers exclusive previews of upcoming features and an active community forum.

Q: What are the Limitations Of Character AI Plus?

A: Limitations include unresolved issues with Character Memory, Personality drift and Content filtering. There’s no guarantee of eliminating waiting rooms completely and users might find the subscription fee high. Early access to new features might also lead to encountering bugs.

Q: Is there a trial period or free trial available to use Character AI Plus?

A: Unfortunately, there’s currently no trial period or free trial available for Character AI Plus.

Q: Has Character AI responded to the negative community feedback regarding the Plus membership pricing?

A: Despite the negative community feedback regarding the $9.99 per month or $120 a year subscription cost, Character AI has not yet responded to the backlash.

I hope this article clarified the concept of Character AI Plus, what it is and how it works.

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