Midjourney Download: How to Access [2024]

The Midjourney AI tool does not offer an official download or web app at the moment.

If you want to use Midjourney then you’re required to create an account on Discord and join the official Midjourney server.

Midjourney Download How to Access and Alternatives

This article will provide you with updated information regarding potential download options for Midjourney, why it is only available on Discord and guide you on how to access it through the Discord platform.

Can You Download Midjourney?

Midjourney unlike many apps is not available for download.

Its use is exclusively via the official Midjourney Discord server which requires a Discord account.

There are many downloadable Midjourney or access outside of Discord apps available online but these are scams.

You can only download Discord and not Midjourney on your computer.

Why Midjourney Only Available on Discord

Midjourney is a tool for artists and operates exclusively on Discord due to its social nature, cost-saving potential and the familiarity of the platform to its remote development team.

Initially, the choice to use Discord was coincidental stemming from the team’s use of it as a communication and collaboration tool during Midjourney’s development.

The social and collaborative aspects of Discord gel well with Midjourney’s mission, enabling user engagement and fostering an environment where artists and creators can inspire each other with AI-generated prompts and images.

This approach also makes for an effective onboarding process for new users, who learn to use the tool by observing others’ prompts and results.

There are other reasons as well such as running Midjourney on Discord helps in mitigating costs.

Discord’s existing infrastructure handles the application’s social features and documentation, freeing up the development team’s resources to enhance the tool’s performance and capabilities.

Despite initial discomfort for users who were unfamiliar with Discord, the developers believe that these strategic benefits make it the most advantageous platform for Midjourney’s community-centered and collaborative approach.

Midjourney Web App – Alpha

The alpha version of Midjourney with an in-browser image generation feature is currently limited to power users who have generated over 10,000 images on the platform.

A broader rollout is expected in the future but until then users must continue using Midjourney via Discord.

Here is the link to access the Midjourney Alpha website.

How to Access Midjourney Discord

To begin with Midjourney, you need to visit the Midjourney website and click on ‘join the beta’ or ‘sign in’.

If you don’t already have a Discord account then you’ll be prompted to create the account.

Once you have created the account then you can access Discord either through your web browser or by downloading the Discord app on your desktop or mobile device.

After accepting Midjourney’s new member terms on Discord, you’re able to join the main Discord channel and enter one of the newbie rooms.

To generate your first image you need to simply type ‘/image’ in the bar along with your chosen prompt.

However, with numerous users submitting their own prompts tracking your images in the newbie channel can be challenging. To sort out this issue, you can opt to send your image prompts directly to the Midjourney bot.

This streamlined process will allow you to get started and stay organized on Midjourney, maximizing your creative endeavors on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Midjourney Download

Can you download Midjourney AI?

You cannot download Midjourney. It can only be accessed through Discord server. Beware of fake Midjourney download links and apps online.

How do I get Midjourney?

To get Midjourney you have to start using Midjourney by creating a Discord account and joining the official Midjourney Discord.

Can you download Midjourney to your computer or PC?

Even though you can easily download the Discord app on your computer, Midjourney is exclusively accessible through your Discord account.

I hope the above information helped you about Midjourney download and how to access it.

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