Midjourney Statistics: Overview, Key Data, Users & Growth [2023]

Midjourney AI image generator tool is rapidly growing in user numbers and revenue.

This article will provide you with key statistics highlighting the platform’s expansion, user engagement and influence in the AI image generation industry.

It serves as a useful resource for understanding Midjourney’s impact and reach, with regular updates to keep pace with new data.

Midjourney Statistics Overview, Key Data, Users & Growth

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Midjourney Company Statistics


Let’s start with Midjourney company stats first to become familiar with what the company does and from where it operates:

CompanyMidjourney, Inc.
Founded byDavid Holz (CEO)
Founder ExperienceFormerly cofounder of “Leap Motion” a VR company
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United States
IndustryAI image generator (Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design)
First Open BetaJuly 12, 2022
Employees Count20+
FundingClaims to be self-funded
CompetitorsStable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Adobe Firefly etc.
Company Websitehttps://www.midjourney.com

Key Stats of Midjourney in 2023

  • Midjourney has an active Reddit community of over 512k members as of June 2023.
  • 68% of users use the platform for fun and 72% have never shared their images online.
  • Of users that share images, Instagram is the most popular platform.
  • Majority of users access it via Android devices (54%) and Windows (72%).
  • 77% of users use the platform for recreational purposes.
  • Midjourney’s Twitter handle has over 279.7K Followers as of June 2023.
  • Over 25% of users report mental health improvements from using the platform.
  • 83% of users use Midjourney as a form of art therapy.
  • 70% users of Midjourney are male.
  • 63% users of Midjourney are 34 years old or younger.
  • Most users of Midjourney AI live in the West (Americas/Europe).

(Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll Data)

Midjourney Statistics For Users


Midjourney’s Discord platform had an impressive 17.6 million registered members as of June 18, 2023, with around 1.3 million of those members being active online at any given moment.

This signifies a considerable amount of activity and engagement on the platform, hinting at Midjourney’s strong user base.

Source: Similarweb

Midjourney’s website traffic has experienced a tremendous surge in traffic throughout 2023.

In January 2023, the Midjourney website recorded 29.1 million visits which increased to 31.6 million by February 2023, representing a 9% month-over-month growth.

The traffic further skyrocketed to 41.4 million in March 2023 a whopping 31% growth from the previous month.

MonthWebsite Traffic
January 202329.1 million
February 202331.6 million
March 202341.4 million
April 202342.7 million
May 202335.5 million
Source: Similarweb

The website traffic in April 2023 grew to 42.7 million and then declined to 35.5 million by May 2023.

Source: Google Trends (June 2023)

As far as search popularity on Google Trends is concerned, Midjourney is presently outperforming its competitors such as DALL·E and Stable Diffusion.

This clearly shows the Midjourney brand’s increasing recognition and stronghold in the AI image generation industry.

In a nutshell, the popularity and search traffic of Midjourney has more than doubled in 2023 and it is expected to keep moving upwards throughout the year.

Midjourney Traffic Share by Top Keywords

Below are the stats of the top keywords that are driving organic traffic to midjourney.com for Desktop users and this data is from worldwide countries.

Midjourney Traffic Share by Top Keywords
Source: Similarweb

The share of organic traffic is 99.06% and of paid traffic is 0.04%. The top keywords for Midjourney website are: midjourney, midjourney ai, mid journey, midjourney pricing etc.

As of June 2023, the total keywords according to Similarweb are 17.4K.

Midjourney Audience Demographics Statistics

Midjourney.com’s audience predominantly consists of males (64.63%) with females making up 35.37% of the visitors.

The most represented age group visiting the site is 25-34 year olds, showing its market dominance in this demographic.

Source: Similarweb

Midjourney Referral Traffic Stats


Social Media Traffic Stats of midjourney

Midjourney.com primarily draws social media traffic from Discord, followed by YouTube and Twitter.

Social Media Traffic Stats of midjourney.com
Source: Similarweb


I hope the above statistics about Midjourney will help you understand this platform better and therefore will enable you to use it more efficiently for your personal or business use.

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